The Best Haircut Trends For 2021

If you’re ready for a change in 2021, you’re not alone. Ringing in a new year usually means you’ll be planning on making plenty of change. So if you’re bored with your hairstyle and looking for a change, why not check out these top hair trends that are going to be all the rage next year.

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Bobs Are back

Textured bobs are never out of style. The layered version of this classic, effortless look is one of the top trends in the new year. For a slightly unkempt, wild look, try defining sprays and pastes, and shape the hair to add some extra texture. Bobs are very forgiving haircuts which means they won’t look horrible as they grow out.

Short But Curly

Wild curls are all the rage in 2021. But not necessarily the long, luscious ones that might first come to mind. Shorter curled hair that is layered makes for more of a lift and shows off your hair’s natural texture. This look is super easy to maintain as the natural curls tend to stay in shape and the layers enhance the volume.

Hidden Layers

The new year is fast shaping up to become the year of the layered hairstyle. Asking your stylist to add some hidden layers underneath can enhance your texture and style and return some life to previously flat hair. It’s a small cut for a big effect. For more beautiful layered haircut ideas, check out this post.

Mullets Are Modern

If you’ve been growing out your hair in 2020, the new year may be the time to try out one of the cooler hair trends. The mullet is back and when done correctly, it can look super chic and cool. Go for a wider fringe and visible layers to add dimension and define your face.

Bang, Bang, Bangs

Stylized 60s and 70s bangs are having a bit of a revival. They don’t require much maintenance so they’re a great style for people who prefer easy care. As 2021 is all about texture, don’t forget the layers when you get your bangs cut. If you need more convincing, there are plenty of good reasons to try curtain bangs in 2021.

Hairbands And Headbands

If you thought hairbands and headbands were out, think again. For 2021, they’re going to be all the rage. They’re an easy-to-use, super stylish way to keep unkempt hair in check. Everyone has a bad hair day from time to time, and that’s where a fashionable headband can come in handy to keep your hair under wraps…literally. When it comes to hairbands, the choice includes zig-zag styles, thin or thick, and even glittery, floral, or simply plain.

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