Best Hairstyles For Every Occasion

Styling your hair for everyday wear is normally quite simple, but things can get a little trickier when you are getting ready for something like a special occasion. Not sure how to wear your hair for your next big date or holiday? This guide will tell you about all the best hairstyles for specific occasions.

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There are all sorts of different hairstyles appropriate for prom, ranging from elaborate buns to sleekly pinned back bobs. The main thing that the best hairstyles for prom have in common is that they are all about the latest trends. Forget timeless updos and instead pick something a little more modern.

Fancy Dinners

When you are going to a nice dinner with friends or a loved one, an elegant low bun is an ideal option. It pulls hair back from your face, so you can show off earrings or a necklace with ease. The key to making a bun look dressy and stylish instead of dowdy is all in the styling. Try to keep things sleek, smoothing hair into tidy coils held in place with pins.

A First Date

For a first date, the best hairstyle is hair that is half up, half down. The flowing tendrils make it more romantic and less severe than updos. At the same time, having the front sections pinned back ensures your date can focus on your beautiful face and really connect with you.

Your Anniversary Celebration

For an anniversary dinner, sexy waves are the way to go. A deep side part with hair waving and curling at the tips looks effortlessly glam. You can accessorize with a pin for more formal dinners or leave it looking more natural when you want to look naturally gorgeous. If you have short hair, consider wearing lace front wigs to switch things up and add a little length to your normal look.

A Wedding

Unless the wedding is yours, skip the formal hairstyles and let the bride shine. A simple updo is an ideal way to look your best without looking like you want to hog attention. Consider a side bun with a few face-framing tendrils, or braid the front sections of your hair and pin them back.

A Day At The Beach

The right hairstyle depends on what you plan to do. If you’re staying out of the water, loose, casual waves add a relaxed vibe to your swimsuit. If you plan on getting your hair wet, consider pulling it into a cute fishtail that can stand up to saltwater and sand.

Holiday Parties

When meeting with family or friends to celebrate the holidays, step outside your comfort zone a little and try something fun with your hair. This is the perfect time to dress up a bun or half-up, half-down hairstyle with a sparkly pin, velvet ribbon, or jeweled headband.

Athletic Events

Look cute while keeping your hair out of your face by pulling it up into double buns. This perky hairstyle adds a sporty touch while also being a practical way to secure your hair out of your face. Another benefit is that it can be done in just a few minutes and works with any length or texture of hair.


Your vacation is all about relaxing while looking gorgeous, so this is the perfect time to celebrate your natural texture. Add a little anti-frizz gel if you are vacationing in a warm climate before letting your hair air dry. Once it is dry, slip in a cute headband to pull it back from your face so you can focus on enjoying your day.

An Interview

For an interview, the main goal should be to have hair that looks clean, professional, and tidy. A sleek low ponytail is an excellent option. Smoothly brush hair back, wrap a strand around the elastic to hide it, and pin the hair in place for a low-maintenance yet trendy look. Ultimately, finding the right hairstyle for any event can actually be quite easy. As long as you follow this guide, you never have to worry about inappropriate or inconvenient hair!

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