Best Marijuana Growing Tips You Should Know

With the increased marijuana legalization across several states, many weed consumers are now accustomed to purchasing their cannabis from dispensaries. While these laws and regulations vary in different states, some of the states that allow legal marijuana consumption also allow home cultivation to some extent.

This means that you can now grow your marijuana and make a living out of it. However, growing marijuana is not as easy as throwing the seeds on the ground and harvesting loads of yields. Serious marijuana growers will agree that growing marijuana takes a lot of persistence, commitment, and of course, the right access to marijuana resources.  In case you didn’t know what it entails, here is a list of marijuana growing tips you need to know.

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1. Find The Best Marijuana Strains

If you didn’t know, the quality of marijuana is determined by its strain. This informs why you should always find an excellent strain before thinking of anything else. You also ought to understand that the specific strains of cannabis are different. Some may succeed in particular surroundings, whereas others may not thrive at all.

These strains also vary in size, the concentrates aroma, and the overall effects. Cannabis strains also differ when it comes to resistance to bug invasion and other plant diseases. Therefore, you need to find out a strain that will thrive well in your area.  The good news is you can now easily find these strains through the best seed sellers online, such as i49. They provide you with a wide variety of seed types and strains to choose from.

2. Avoid Growing Your Seeds In The Open

You can only get the best marijuana harvest if you grow your seeds inside. Not only does it give you more control of the climate, but also the entire growth process. This doesn’t mean your marijuana seeds can’t grow outside, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll get the desired results you want.

Growing inside will also grant you control over the growth hygiene of your marijuana. It won’t cost you a lot as you only need a greenhouse with the right measurements, or a few grow boxes to begin with.

3. Ensure Your Marijuana Receives Proper Lighting

Even though it’s recommended to grow marijuana indoors, one aspect you can’t overlook is the amount of light getting in. While growing it outside would have provided the privilege of receiving natural light from the sun, the indoor environment won’t. This is why you need to create a plan and make up for the absence of this natural light.

You can achieve proper lighting by investing in high-quality lights throughout all your greenhouses. High-quality bulbs are preferable as they’ll provide the required amount of lighting for a longer period. However, you should also consider replacing the bulbs for greater efficiency. Strong, bright light is what powers the growth of your cannabis buds in the flowering stage.

4. Consider The Best Nutrients And Supplements

Providing your marijuana plants with the right amount of nutrients is always a challenging factor for many cannabis growers. The truth is, nutrients play an important role in the growth of the plant. Without the right nutrients, you will have poor looking cannabis vegetation that will eventually lead to low yields.

But before adding any special supplements, you need to ensure the plant has received proper base nutrients in its flowering stage. Some of the recommended nutrients include;


This is an important nutrient to flower production as it helps increase the total number of flowers in the plant.


Low levels of Nitrogen are recommended, especially during the second half of the plant’s flowering stage. The nutrients help when the plant has stopped growing vegetatively with the buds fattening up. Bear in mind that too much nitrogen in the ripening stage can discourage bud production and hurt your yields.


Potassium is an equally important nutrient in the cannabis growth cycle. It increases the size and density of each flower and bud on the plant.

5. Ensure Strict Bedtimes

Some of the common cannabis strains have a short growing cycle of about eight weeks. These include the highest yielding strains you can only find from the best feminized seeds online. Some of these strains require only two months to get their full potential.

For you to ensure they grow to their full potential, you may need a few hours of darkness and an equal amount of time for lighting each day. Maintaining this cycle for the entire two months will help you grow the highest yielding and healthy cannabis.

6. Water Is An Important Element In Cannabis Growth

Water is a key element that shouldn’t be neglected when growing your cannabis. If you are growing the weed for the first time, the watering phase may be tricky.  However, it remains crucial to provide the plant with less water as it can deprive them of a key requirement for their survival.

On the other hand, giving them excess water can easily drown them, in addition to causing mold development on the buds. To achieve the best results with watering, you need to keep a strict watering schedule. This applies most importantly if you are utilizing the soil medium. It’s also important to invest in filtration or reverse osmosis system if you use domestic water that contains some chemicals.

7. Ensure Your Grow Room Has The Right Air Flow & Good Ventilation

A good and quality air circulation is also an important factor you should consider when growing your cannabis indoors. Airflow and ventilation are essential if you want to create perfect air quality, which is a big contributor to high yields and quality buds.

Final Thought

Marijuana growing is considered an easy task. However, you need to pay a lot of attention and care for the best and high-quality marijuana. The above-provided tips and the right marijuana seeds can help you achieve the best yields in growing your marijuana. Once you get acquainted with all the processes, you’ll realize that growing marijuana is no different from growing any other plant at home.

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