The Best Places You Have To Visit While In Milan

Milan is not so famous when it comes to planning a visit to Italy. This place has been long known for its culture and historical heritage which attracts the attention of many enthusiasts towards it. This place is certainly worth a visit if you are one of those people who have a soft corner for the history of the world.

The place is thoroughly connected by good roads and transportation facilities for the tourists. There are private shuttle transfers from airport and city available all time of the day. The place offers a lot to the visitors. You can go onto move about the places for weeks if you visit one at a time. These places are rich in architecture and have a beautiful exterior as well as interior. Some of the most famous places that one cannot miss if you visit Milan are listed below.

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  1. II Duomo or Milan Cathedral – The massive cathedral of Santa Maria popularly known as the II Duomo by the Milanese is the most magnificent and the largest church in the world. It comprises of a dim interior which is a perfect contrast to the rich exterior. It also comprises of an octagonal Borromeo Chapel.
  2. Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper – Milan is full of churches and cathedrals. This place is a famous one as it contains the famous painting “last supper” made by the great artist Leonardo Da Vinci painted on the refectory wall of the monastery. The church was built in the fifteenth century and is a beautiful site to visit. It is loved by the tourists and is a must visit spot for the people.
  3. Castello Sforzesco – It was built in the year 1368 and then was rebuilt in the year 1450 under the rule of the Sforza families who rules Milan in those times. The Castello houses comprise of a series of museums one of which is famous for sculptures.  The other museums feature decorative arts and Egyptian and prehistoric antiquities.  It also consists of musical history and armed weapons and armors.
  4. San Maurizio and The Archaeology Museum – The museum comprises of beautiful interiors which attracts the tourists. It was built in the early years of the sixteen century a convent of nuns. The monastery is said to have been built over the Roman circus’s ruins. The museum will elaborately tell you about the history of Milan and has a lot of sculptures in bronze and stone.

The private shuttle transfers from airport to the city have largely lead to the hustle and bustle of the city.  The Tourists now find it really easy to travel from one place to the other. The comfort to safe travel has largely led the city of Milan to grow as a tourist attraction.

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