BLT Cocktails: The Perfect Weekend Drink For Bacon Lovers

I’ve never seen BLT cocktails before today, and they look so gooood! Almost everyone I know loves bacon, and I’m right there with them. I am proud to say that there have been many Saturday mornings when I’ve cooked a pound of bacon and munched on it all day. It’s crunchy, delicious and sure to bring a smile to your face. The thing about bacon that is fascinating to me though is that it goes far beyond it’s obviously tasty attributes. These days, bacon isn’t just for eating. We’ve seen countless ways bacon can be used in unusual ways to make the most bizarrely interesting edible creations, but what I’m talking about goes much further than that.

If you want to understand better what I mean, just click over to the Bacon Font, these Bacon Roses and even this Vincent van Gogh inspired Starry Night Painting Recreated In Bacon. For all you bacon lovers, I have another collection of delectable bacon yumminess to share with you today. These are BLT sandwich inspired drinks! I linked the sources of these pictures so you can make some this weekend if you’d like, although it might be easier to find a restaurant that serves BLT cocktails than to make them yourself.

There are several steps to making these, including first creating bacon infused vodka and salt, tomato water (or tomato juice), and even making ice cubes with lettuce in them. Some of the recipes are more complicated than others, and I guess it all just depends on how much you want your cocktail to taste like a real BLT sandwich. Of course, I had to include a few bonuses below that I found while I was researching this. There is no end to the bacon madness out there, and I’m all over it. If you make one of these, I hope you’ll come back and leave us a picture of your masterpiece. Delish!

Warning: BLT Cocktails Could Cause Extreme Bacon Happiness

(Most of these Images will enlarge if you click on them)

Get the recipe for this BLT cocktail here on The Nibble

This is a BLT cocktail just happens to be sitting next to a PB&J cocktail and a cheeseburger cocktail.
They are all part of a brilliant little sandwich collection of drinks.
Get the recipes here on SlashFood.


This drink was featured on The Watering Mouth. It’s originally from a Woman’s Day article from back in 2009.
This is the real deal. Even the ice cubes are infused with lettuce.


This is a little BLT Martini recipe I found at The Martini Diva.


Bonus 1: OMG… BLT lettuce wraps!
They are technically BLT&C lettuce wraps since they also have cucumbers in them.
Get the recipe at Bakeaholic Mama.


Bonus 2: This is a breakfast Bacone. It’s a bacon shaped into a cone filled with scrambled eggs,
hash browns and cheese and topped with a layer of gravy and a biscuit.
Go here on Ask for more info on this delicious gut bomb.


These last two pictures are of a drink called a Mitch Morgan.
It’s not a BLT cocktail, but it still very much incorporates bacon.
It’s just a shot of bourbon with a piece of fried bacon as the garnish.
The bacon can go on the side of the glass (fancy style) or just in the glass.