Boat vs RV – Which Is The Better Option In 2021?

2020 was a dark and isolating experience for most of us. With many feeling trapped, van sales went through the roof with people looking to convert them and holiday – an alternative to flying abroad. However, with RVs’ prices now skyrocketing, is it better to opt for a boat in 2021? Here’s a breakdown to help make the right choice.

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Advantages Of A Boat

Initially, a boat seems more expensive. Whist buying a boat usually costs more, boat parts and accessories are not as expensive as you may initially think – plus they arguably have a simpler design with fewer parts that can go wrong.

An RV, however, has a lot more mechanical room for error, and vans pre-conversion won’t already have seats and a bed. Plus, a boat can give you more opportunities to learn skills. Parts from Forboat, for example, can be assembled yourself and maintained.

The key advantage of a boat is, of course, being at sea. If you’re a lover of scuba diving and the sea, this is an easy choice, but even if you’re unsure how you feel about the sea, there’s undoubtedly more room for exploration. Most of the earth is made up of water, and it’s a straightforward way of traveling.

On top of this, there’s more room for solitude with a boat. There are no traffic jams or packed campsites – it’s easier to be alone at sea. Swimming opportunities are plentiful, as is catching and eating fresh fish.

Finally, boats have far more space than RVs. Even a long-wheelbase Ford Transit conversion will leave you with less living space than most boats. Whilst small boats exist, there’s greater potential for 50ft of living space.

Advantages Of An RV

An RV’s key advantage is that you do not need a separate license to drive other than a driver’s license. Furthermore, things such as parking are much more straightforward and affordable than with a boat.

Another advantage of having an RV is that weather conditions aren’t quite so important. Whilst snow can restrict you from getting about, this is often less of an issue than when strong winds prevent sailing.

It can be somewhat daunting hopping on a boat and sailing. Whilst it’s great fun to learn, an RV is simply closer to ordinary living, making it much more accessible. Plus, with a better internet connection and closer to ordinary infrastructure, it’s easier to work whilst traveling in an RV.

The Verdict

Choosing between a boat and an RV depends on the person. If you’re looking for the cheapest option, then go for an RV, but don’t be fooled into thinking boat life is only for the rich. If you’re looking for peace and quiet or if you enjoy swimming, then a boat cannot be matched. An RV is perhaps more accessible, but this also means it’s closer to normality – which is boring for some.

Finally, it depends on where you want to travel. If you’re looking to explore a large landmass, a boat isn’t ideal – but it’s the best option for directly crossing areas separated by water. If you’re into island hopping and the beach, then a boat cannot be matched.

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