The Body Type Quiz – How Do You Lose Weight?

If you have tried every diet and exercise trick out there, here is one that you might not have even heard of. In fact, so many people skip this critical step, they could actually be working out too much! (don’t we all wish that was the issue) In this article, we are going to divulge one of the best-kept secrets to weight loss and ultimate body positivity.

You may think that the first step in any diet is reading how-to books. You may even start with a goal in mind, perhaps its weight loss, increasing strength, being more flexible. Did you know that your body, not your mind, actually is built for a specific ultimate way of eating and exercise that makes sense for your body type? Yes! It’s true. Let’s jump into a body type quiz to learn more.

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1. How Do You Carry Your Weight?

This question provides a lot of insight into what type of exercise will and will not work for you. Yes, some exercise that can actually prevent weight loss and even create cortisol stress that actually keeps your weight on! Yikes! Here are the general four ways people carry their weight:

  • Top-heavy – People who have a larger chest, broader shoulders, and arms
  • Bottom heavy – tend to be petite on top, then boom, curvy the rest of the way down
  • Upper and lower body – think Jessica Rabbit, curvy all over with a slim waist
  • Proportionate – top and bottom are balanced

2. Do You Work Well With Others?

This may seem like an odd question, but the best way our body responds to external stimuli can help us narrow down what type of exercise it will respond to as well. Do we play well with others? Do we prefer to grab that project by the horns and do it all on our own? Or maybe we are the type that can work well if working with someone close.

MagiQuiz is able to uncover our exercise needs based on these questions. Can you guess what type of exercise would be right for the person who works best with a close friend? If you said personal coach, I would say you’re right! Wondering about the others, take the quiz now!

3. A Day At The Beach

How we spend our leisure time is also a significant indicator of our energy level and metabolism. It also points to exercise our body enjoys. For example, at the beach could we find you:

  1. Laying out and being peaceful
  2. Building sandcastles
  3. Swimming the blue seas
  4. Or treading sand on a walk

If I had to guess I would say, the first points to someone who’s body feel best when in a state of relaxation, think hot yoga or pilates. The second one makes me think of someone playful and sporty. Getting together for a fun game of hoops or tag football makes this person smile.

Swimming is a fantastic exercise that is easy on the body and mind. This aerobic and anaerobic workout is perfect for someone with injuries or looking to strengthen their body without harmful impact. The last one could be an outdoors person, a hike in nature motivates this person to get up and go.

Take Away

When it comes to our body, one size does not fit all. Explore your body’s needs through MagiQuiz’s What’s the perfect exercise for your body type quiz?” and find out what your body really needs to lose weight, get strong, and feel and look amazing!

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