How To Build A Home Studio Guide

With YouTube and Independent stars on the rise, a lot of people are investing in high-class equipment to avoid the massive bill of using a recording studio. So if you are looking to build a home studio or want to upgrade the setup that you already have, there are some essential pieces of equipment that you will need for a Home Studio.

As there are many different options to think about where creating a home studio. There are the varying of specs, quality, space, location, and price.

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Home Studio Location

The location of where the studio should be is usually forgotten, but it is so important that there is the right balance between space, acoustics, and noise levels.It also needs to be somewhere that is convenient, accessible and also where you will be able to enjoy the ambient. To be safe it is better to allow yourself more space than you perceive. This will allow you to accommodate everything that you require.

For better recording choosing the quietest area in your home or apartment is also essential. You don’t want outside noise interrupting or being featured in productions.High ceilings and irregular wall surfaces are also great to create really good sounds.


Most recording studios are built or created in closed environments. A majority of acoustic leaks, cracks, and holes are all patched and closed up. So as if it was you breathing then you need to, allow for enough oxygen in order to breathe.

It is as simple as purchasing some MDF to build a box, Inserting an S-Shaped duct or sheet to create airflow and then padding the remainder of the box with acoustic foam. Once you have appropriate ventilation in the studio, you will find the sound will be better but also it will benefit you.

The Need For An Audio Interface

The audio interface is imperative to connect all your recording equipment into one place. The Soundboard, Microphones, Drum kits and other equipment all link up to the audio interface and the audio interface will link directly to your computer via a mixer. in an essence, this replaces the Computer’s sound card.

The audio interface helps all the instruments and equipment work as a body, each organ having a function, but they all lead to the main source which is the heart.

Picking The Correct Equipment

It would be simple if Instruments were the only pieces of equipment that were needed to produce music. There are key pieces that your home studio can’t do without. So here is a recording studio equipment list to guide you on the essentials. First of all, you need a decent pair of headphones, not earphones that you would go straight out on the town and use, but proper musician headphones that are Flat and have crystal clear sound. Therefore going cheap isn’t always the best option.

Microphones are another essential piece that can’t be forgotten, so it is important that when choosing, condenser and dynamic microphones should be on the top of your list. In addition, Monitor Speakers are also important. As these speakers, unlike stereo speakers, will give your studio the bass and sound that you need.

Putting all these different aspects of a home studio shows that having your own home recording studio isn’t always the quickest or easiest option. However, with some time, tutorials, and extra reading you be on your way to enjoying your personal recording studio create your own style and allow the studio to pay for itself.

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