Wanna Burn Those Calories Faster? – Here’s What You Need To Do

It is not surprising that the vast majority of people who try to lose weight fast using restricted calorie diet plans tend to fall well short of their weight loss target. Let’s face facts – the human body does not like being starved – and unless you are blessed with an iron will there be little hope of losing much weight, let alone keeping it off over the long term.

Small changes to your eating habits can significantly reduce those diets destroying hunger pangs. Eating correctly combined with a quality workout routine will shed those excess pounds fast. Listed below are helpful tips to burn those calories faster.

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Reduce Your Overall Carb Intake

Most people will have heard of drastic weight loss plans which focus on massively reducing carbohydrates (sugar and starches) intake. Similar results can be gained by simply eliminating certain carb sources from your eating routine. You can still take in a limited amount of carbohydrates – the key is making sure that they come from the right places and have a very low starch/sugar content.

It is not unusual to drop up to ten pounds over the first week or two by significantly removing ‘bad’ carbs from your diet. Most of this will be water weight that will be rapidly regained should you revert to your previous eating routine.

Base Your Diet On Protein, Fat & Low Carb Vegetables

To keep your diet running over the longer term, it is important to look into how you can maintain a healthy eating routine while also keeping your carb intake low. It is generally thought that the maximum carb intake should be no more than 50g per day, but just as important is understanding the source of those calories.

Quality is key. Avoid any processed protein sources that are likely going to be bulked out with additives, sugars, and salt. Instead, eat natural portions of meat and fish along with plenty of eggs. Consume plenty of oil (coconut/olive/avocado etc) and low carb leafy greens.

Exercise Effectively

Any exercise is good, but some are simply better! When following a high protein/fat, low carbohydrate eating plan it is best to look towards ways of transforming that food into muscle. Quality cardio can work just as well as resistance training for losing weight.

Of course, when it comes to deciding what kind of workout machine/equipment is going to best suits you, it is wise to give them all a try. Look especially for machines that combine cardio with an element of impact resistance. There are many to choose from, but most trainers will agree that elliptical machines are perfect for shedding calories and developing all over muscle tone.

Be sure to carefully check out reviews of the best elliptical machine as quality can vary substantially between models. Look for models, ergonomically designed with a large variety of resistance programs to help keep your exercise interesting and varied.

Exercise can make all the difference when combined with a suitably energizing high protein/fat diet. Anyone looking to lose weight fast and keep it off over the long term need to address their diet ahead of anything else.

By adjusting calorie intake – primarily by reducing carb intake – everyone will gradually lose weight. The difference depends on whether they wish to drop a pound or two a month or shed their excess weight at a far quicker – yet safe – level.

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