CBD Pills For Anxiety And Depression – How Effective Are They?

Many cannabidiol (CBD) users swear by the unparalleled capacity of CBD pills for anxiety and depression. Additionally, many users and several high-profile studies show the effects of pills and CBD oil for depression. In this post, you will know all about CBD pills and its direct effects on mental wellness and improvement.

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What Are CBD Pills?

Cannabidiol is one of the numerous compounds researchers have found in marijuana. The infamous plant’s tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content introduces the “high” feeling marijuana smokers receive. However, CBD content in oil and pills do not introduce similar highs. However, they affect human bodies in a relaxing and soothing way.

How To Use CBD For Depression Treatment

Both CBD pills and oil are easy to ingest. Two other methods to consume CBD exist, such as sublingual or under the tongue and through inhalation. We’ll discuss oral consumption in-depth as beginner users want to know the immediate effects of orally ingesting CBD pills.

Swallow Your CBD Orally

CBD pills require users to take it similar to over-the-counter medication. They can choose to dry-swallow your pills or use a glass of water for immediate ingestion.

Slowly, Surely, Safely

All orally-ingested medications take the slowest time possible to take effect and CBD pills are no exception. However, it does introduce some advantages and disadvantages. When users ingest CBD pills orally, they can automatically introduce fast absorption through sublingual or buccal ingestion if it passes and remains underneath the tongue.

Ingestion gives the body more time to absorb CBD. However, if users have eaten a good meal, CBD pills are highly likely to take effect fast.

One thing to remember: If CBD users are taking over-the-counter medication along with CBD pills, a drug interaction is highly likely to happen. CBD oil inhalation may be the best alternative method for ingestion to prevent unpredictable drug interactions because of its lower interaction risk.

Does CBD Help With Anxiety And Depression?

Many CBD users swear by its efficacy in handling anxiety and depression. Even without studies, marijuana users show relaxed and patient signs thanks to lower cortisol levels.

Researchers have theorized that CBD, along with THC, stimulates the body’s CB1 receptors. CB1 is one of the body’s natural cannabinoid receptors. During its stimulation, CB1 does not tell the “serotonin switch” in the body to turn off, helping introduce feelings of bliss or happiness.

What Does CBD Do For Depression?

Cognitive Impairment

Studies have shown CBD pills and oil to introduce enhanced cognitive functions in sufferers of schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and even brain ischemia. While the study is small, it shines a light towards a path of an effective neurological treatment.

Jitters Or ‘Butterflies In The Stomach’

Many users attest to CBD’s efficacy in introducing a calming and soothing feeling when they feel jittery or nervousness, especially before public speaking or participating in public events.

What Animal Studies Say

In 2014, animal-based research on CBD showed promising anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects on mice who received the treatment.

The Conclusion Of 2018’s Review Of Existing Studies

A compiled review of all existing CBD studies showed promising evidence and concluded that CBD has an exceptional effect on stress.

CBD: A Progressive Natural Anxiety And Depression Treatment

Marijuana is hailed as a “miracle” by many users because of its “enlightening” and powerful soothing capacities, and CBD is no exception. More studies are showing light to CBD’s great reliability for aiding sufferers of anxiety and depression.

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