Celebrate Being A Woman – Every Day of Every Month

I think most men would agree that women are complicated creatures. We are sometimes unpredictable, and when I put myself on the outside and look in, I understand why so many men have a hard time figuring us out. I own an IT business in Atlanta, which is a male dominated field. I work with mostly men, and I talk to mostly men on the phone all day. I have spent many years trying to bury the emotional woman side of my personality.

It’s only recently, in the past year, that I have learned to express and appreciate that part of being a woman without feeling guilty and ashamed. I think that is why I resonate so much with this ad campaign created by one of my favorite creative minds, Jonathan Gurvit. This campaign, entitled “28 days” was designed for Kotex in Latin America. A typical feminine cycle lasts 28 days. In each of those 28 days, we have different emotions. This campaign consists of 28 different postcards, each one celebrating one of those emotions.

“Hoy me siento” means “Today I feel” in Spanish – and then the fourth word on each postcard is the emotion. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you will still appreciate these. To have fun with this even more, you can go to http://www.days28diasconvos.com to get all 28 postcards in wallpaper format, which you can change on your desktop each day depending on your mood. Suddenly being a woman just got even more fun! I have featured 12 of the month’s emotions below. To view all 28, you can visit http://www.scaryideas.com/content/16361.