Cheat Sheet Guide To Mastering All Things Cooking [Infographic]

I have always been confused about the different measurements and metrics when it comes to the European standard and the American. It’s like 2 different worlds. There are pounds versus kilograms, meters versus feet. Keeping the conversions in your head is like keeping track of each star on the midnight sky. It’s not exactly easy, and it can instantly become a jumbled up mess of goo. When it comes to cooking though, not keeping track of them all could prove to be a gigantic mistake. If you like cooking, you know that a gallon is infinitely more than a liter for example. But not to worry! There is a solution for this problem, and it comes to us in the form of a kitchen cheat sheet guide that will keep your head cool and your food tasting great!

To convert these metrics correctly, we need to know how much they are in both regions of the world. Instead spending time looking it all up on the Internet, we could just use this cheat sheet guide to figure out the conversions. It’s a great cooking companion that will have you taking on any recipe from any country in the easiest of ways. Not only is it great for metrics conversion, it is also a great guide to learn where your meat comes from. Everyone doesn’t eat meat of course (there is a section for vegetables as well), but if you do then this thing will totally come in handy.

You will now have a guide that tells you what parts of the pig, cow and lamb your meat comes from. Of course, it doesn’t stop there either. It will tell you what the preferred cooking times are as well. Call it the ultimate cheat sheet guide for cooking masters around the world if you will. It is that good!

This infographic cheat sheet guide is created and brought to us by Everest. It is simply called the Kitchen Cheat Sheet and is jam-packed with all kinds of cooking information that is vital in the kitchen when you get up in all the pots and pans. Print this out and put it on your fridge or on the wall, and you will always have a way to check, convert and cook like a master chef when you get going. From this day on, your food will taste like a slice of heavenly cake. Who’s invited?

Ultimate Cooking Cheat Sheet Guide


Via: [Daily Infographic]