Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Grilling [Infographic]

If you haven’t started grilling yet (depending on whether or not it is summer where you live when you read this), you need to get started. That is right, a summer without grilling is like Star Wars without science fiction. It wouldn’t be much of a movie series then, would it? Grilling is really a skill that you have to learn through trial and error. You can’t expect anyone to be a grill master as soon as they stand behind the grill for the first time. It just doesn’t work that way. There are way too many factors that determine whether your food is going to taste delicious or if you will manage to burn it into charcoal. There are so many rules, accessories and ways to grill that you have to find the one that works best for you. And, that is only possible through trying over and over.

On top of that, you have to figure out just how long the food is supposed to be grilled for it to be perfect. That is a whole science in itself. It doesn’t really have to come down to you continuously failing in order to figure these things out. Nope, it so happens that the kind souls over at Column Five Media and Visual News have compiled a kicking cheat sheet to transform you into the yoda grill master of your neighborhood.

It’s called Grill Master: Properly Grill Meats And Veggies Every Time, and it is one of the most information packed food infographics I have ever seen. From it, you will be able to learn just what meat should be grilled at what temperatures and for how long. Everything is in there, and I am sure that if you were to bring this with you to the grill, you will be the one with the mysterious superpowers. There’s no doubt will you be able to impress all your dinner guests with your skills. Just make sure no one sees you looking at it, and they will worship you for your skills forever.

Be sure to study this and don’t forget to have the proper tools when you grill. Being able to tell what temperature the coal or flame is when you cook is apparently vital if you are going to be able to follow this cheat sheet to the last rule. If you want good food, you will need the right gear to allow you to reach your goal. You should definitely be able to find everything you need on the Internet and then pimp out your porch so that you will be grilling like a villain ever after. Good luck!

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Via: [Co.DESIGN]