Chinese Culture: 8 Photographs That Will Blow Your Mind!

I am just awestruck at the moment. Sure, it may very well be that these photographs are only the creation of an immensely creative and skilled photographer gone amok in Photoshop, but from my own experience and after seeing documentaries, it could go either way really. After all, I don’t think it has escaped anyone’s mind that China is the land of the bikes, and they use them for almost everything. Driving is something that you wouldn’t want to do in the crowded cities since you won’t get too far cause of all the bikes. People even use them to haul truckloads of stuff with them.

Photographer Alain Delorme has created a stunning, and quite frankly, brilliant series of photographs that picture Chinese people in their every day lives hauling their products to the markets. If you thought you were carrying a heavy load in that backpack that you’re reluctant to put on in the morning for work, think again.

These guys literally haul hundreds of kilos worth of merchandise on their tricycle to earn their living. I feel like lending a hand, but I would probably just mess things up since I am sure there is some invaluable skills needed during the process of stacking and biking these things. You got to give it to them, they certainly know how to be environmentally friendly. I mean, at least they are not using their cars and trucks. Props!