Chocolate grows on trees

If you’re like me, you would quickly ask, ‘where can I buy such a tree.’ I recently visited the Theo Chocolate Factory in Seattle, where I learned not only about how chocolate was made, but also about the Fair Trade industry. The cool thing about Theo is that this company is very particular about all aspects that affects their chocolate, from the cocoa bean, to harvest + production, to packaging. Theo produces small batches of their artisan chocolates, which allows them to control each step of the production in a reasonably small warehouse in Freemont (Seattle).  Their retail shop is a taste-testers heaven. Not only does it smell of rich chocolate, it offers many stations to try a bite (or 5) of each chocolate bar produced at Theo. Their bars are sold online or at Organic markets around the US. In addition to the ‘normal’ flavors like milk, dark and hazelnut chocolate, Theo offers strange, but usually good tasting flavors like Orange, Mint, Cherries and Almond, Spicy Chili, Thai Curry, Spiced Chai and many more. If you love the smooth taste of rich chocolate dissolving in your mouth, I recommend ordering a case. Its totally worth it.

I’ve attached some of their fun packaging designs by kittenchops, for some great inspiration.