What Your Choice Of Coffee Says About You [Infographic]

It seems people have an urge to constantly try and figure out how to label themselves. We have featured a lot of infographics about that here on Bit Rebels, and the most popular ones have always been the ones that tell you exactly who you are based on something you either do or have. Today we’re going to take a closer look at what your choice of coffee says about you, and how you can subconsciously tell people you are more sophisticated (or whatever you want to coney about yourself).

Recently Diana wrote an article about what your handwriting style says about you, and naturally it became a super popular article here on Bit Rebels. Maybe even your choice of coffee will have the same effect on people because of course you want to know what it says about you, correct?

An infographic called What Your Coffee Says About you was presented to us by Doghouse Diaries, and it could potentially say a lot about you that you didn’t really know. That is, if you’re a coffee drinker. I am not a fan of coffee, but whenever I do drink it, I usually go for the more sweetened ones. Being a tea person kind of confuses the taste buds slightly, and I think that is why I don’t drink much coffee.

If you happen to be a heavy coffee drinker, maybe this infographic could provide you with what you need to know. For example, did you know that if you drink a Double Espresso it says that you are a practical and hard working person since you obviously know that just one shot of Espresso won’t do it for you anymore? If you’re a fan of Lattes, you’re most likely to be reflective but highly indecisive. The question is though, what is your favorite coffee and what does it say about you? You can find out by looking at this infographic and seeing what your choice of coffee reveals about you.

What Your Choice Of Coffee Says About You


Via: [visual.ly]