Want To Clean Up But Have Limited Time – Here’s How

In the busy world of today, the 24 hours that make up a day can easily seem like an hour or two to most of us. This is mostly because there’s a lot to do within the 16 hours that remain when you deduct the eight recommended hours of sleep. Especially for bachelors or young families without kids at home, tasks such as cleaning up the house can sometimes seem impossible.

Especially when you’ve just come home from work or school to find a pile of utensils in the sink, socks lying all over in your bedroom floor, there’s dust build-up on your furniture surfaces, and everything else is in disarray, the look just makes your brain more tired. Even though “time is created”, cleaning up can feel all too overwhelming for you to keep up with.

The best way to handle the ordeal is first to understand that you have limited time to be “superman” at work, with the kids, as well, as the home chores, and still maintain your productivity while staying healthy. To make the experience less daunting for you, here are some tips on how to clean up when you have limited time.

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Little By little

If you’re the busy kind of person and you’ve discovered that cleaning up isn’t your most favorite of chores, the best thing you can do is to set a system or schedule. Every little effort in cleaning makes a huge difference, according to Hoffman, as he explains the 20/10 method of cleaning.

Instead of waiting until you have a pile of dirty clothes and dishes to take care of and everything else is a mess, it’s best to set a clear daily routine that includes at least one cleaning task each and every day.

You could dust the furniture on Monday, wash utensils on Tuesday, vacuum your carpet and upholstery on Wednesday, etc., and do your laundry on Saturday. Well, streamlining your home’s cleaning chores can be challenging, but the main idea is to avoid creating a scenario where the house is a total mess, and you don’t know where to start.

Contact A Cleaning Service

You’re extremely busy throughout the week, and the few hours you get off over the weekend aren’t even enough to get some good rest. They don’t even allow you to get a social life! But you indeed have a social life, you have to one, especially if you live in Vegas. After all, it’s the famous Sin City, and a dear friend can decide to show up anytime during the weekend.

But technology is your friend, and as you laze up in your bedroom and your bestie says they’re in the neighborhood and will check-in in about 40 minutes, your best bet would be to search online for professional cleaning services in Las Vegas who can clean your home in 20 or so minutes.

And who knows, you could hire them for a weekly contract and your problem is solved. If keeping up with a regular routine is too demanding for you, or hiring a professional cleaner is somewhat expensive, you could also consider hiring a full-time maid or house help on a part-time or permanent basis. At the end of the day, affordability will be the determining factor.

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