A Closer Look At University Of Phoenix’s Reputation Among Students

Founded in 1976, the University of Phoenix has now garnered over one million alumni. Thousands of students attend the University each year, either in person or online, to pursue an education on their terms. Students have a wide variety of academic programs to choose from including certificates as well as associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs.

On average, University of Phoenix students are 37 years old. The broader student population is made up of working parents, military service members, and busy adults who dream of earning their degrees. The University’s flexible offerings mean just about anyone can pursue their college education while balancing work, family, and life obligations.

In fact, many students enjoy the flexibility of the University of Phoenix, which pairs with the real-world experiences, skills, and resources all students receive access to. Learn from several student experiences with the University of Phoenix to get a holistic view of what students think.

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Below, we’re sharing feedback and reviews from current and former University of Phoenix students curated from websites including TrustPilot, Consumer Affairs, GradReports, US News and Niche. Feedback is grouped into five categories that sum up the key factors that make the University of Phoenix a viable option for students looking to pursue their higher education.

Quality Staff And Instructors

“Staff across the board from the admissions, to financials and wonderful instructors, are simply scholastic superheroes,” said University of Phoenix student Cody. With staff to address questions about financial aid, enrollment, and IT, the University of Phoenix has a reputation for being helpful and responsive. According to a current University student Junior, “Phoenix workers actually call you when they need information from you and respond back to you within seconds when you communicate to them.

” In addition to helping out with questions, University of Phoenix students also appreciated how staff supports them in times of need. “They have been with me through the death of a family member, my husband in the hospital, and even myself getting COVID,” said University of Phoenix graduate Shieba.

With a 24:1 student-to-faculty ratio, the University of Phoenix makes it possible to earn an affordable degree online while giving students direct access to their instructors. Graduate student Andrea said, “The University of Phoenix has extremely helpful, caring teachers who always respond quickly to emails. I am almost done with my master’s, and it’s been less stressful than imagined.” It’s no wonder why 82 percent of University of Phoenix students say their instructors put a lot of effort into teaching.

High-Quality Services And Resources

Although the University of Phoenix is primarily an online school, it uses data and feedback to give students a valuable experience. Whether it’s academic instruction, tutoring or counseling, University students rely on a number of available resources to make the most of their education.

“They have guided me when needed, and no question I had was ever treated as if I were foolish for asking,” said Shieba. In addition to life counseling, the University of Phoenix also connects students with the Center for Mathematics Excellence and the Center for Writing Excellence for online tutoring.

While in-person resources are plentiful, the University of Phoenix’s students enjoys both the convenience of online learning and help from the University’s technical team. “The technical services helped a lot,” said student Claudia. “The amount of support is great, and advisors are always willing to help with my questions and concerns,” added Anthony.

The University of Phoenix believes in using technology to enhance instruction. That’s why all online learners have access to a user-friendly platform for communication, collaborating with other students, and managing their learning experience.

Flexible Degree Paths

The University of Phoenix has a reputation for being affordable and high quality, but a student favorite of attending the University is its flexibility. It does not operate based on a traditional semester format, so students can enroll and start learning almost immediately.

Thanks to its online learning options, the University of Phoenix allows working adults to pursue a degree that fits with their life and existing schedules. “I honestly think if I didn’t have the option to do online school, I probably wouldn’t have pursued getting my degree,” said student Larissa. Tanya added, “The online experience worked well for me. It was challenging, but I was able to successfully work around my schedule.”

The University also participates with nationally recognized honors societies that all eligible students, including remote learners, can join. Participation can be used to build a resume, find networking opportunities, and prepare for the real world after graduation.

Most importantly, the University’s non-traditional approach to higher education makes it possible for busy students to find balance. “I’m grateful to attend a four-year college in the capacity that I do,” said Claudia.

Working parents are able to juggle coursework with all of the other demands in their life. Victoria said, “I had several late nights writing papers, researching and juggling a career and family, but ended up graduating with a well-deserved 4.0 GPA.” Although it’s far from easy, University of Phoenix gives learners the opportunity to work, raise their children and go to school at the same time.

“They do everything possible to accommodate life and unexpected things that happen in life for their students,” current student Taylor said, “I am 7 months away from graduating with my degree, and I can honestly say the University of Phoenix has made it so easy for me to incorporate schooling into my busy life with two kids and a full-time job.”

Challenging Coursework And Skill Building

At the University of Phoenix, the focus is less on learning theory and more on building practical skills. That’s why the University hires instructors who have real-world, practical experience in their field. Although academics absolutely matter, the focus is equally on skill building with challenging coursework that prepares students to succeed in their chosen career path.

82 percent of University of Phoenix students said that the workload is manageable but challenging. “Not only was the work challenging, but I could always get a hold of an instructor if I needed them,” Jemel said. The University provides a balance of informative and challenging coursework, helpful faculty, and useful skills that make for a rewarding student experience.

The University of Phoenix also built a reputation for its intensive but time-saving course structure. “Each course is 5 weeks long and if passed you’ll earn 3 credits,” explained student Shyann. Instead of requiring students to juggle work, life, and multiple classes at the same time, the University gives students more breathing room to focus.

Larissa explained, “I like how the program is outlined. You do one class at a time, which allows me to concentrate on one subject instead of three or four. Although the course is  five weeks, I’m able to put my attention to one course at a time.” Students appreciate the focus they can devote to their studies this way, which means they can dive deeply into the coursework and avoid mixing up their various subjects.

A Reputation For Flexibility And Excellence

A university is only as strong as its student experience. That’s why it’s important to hear what current students and alumni have to say about the University of Phoenix. Impressively, the University has built a reputation for both challenging coursework and flexibility that caters to thousands of learners every year.

For over 40 years, the University of Phoenix has given working moms, veterans, and professionals from all backgrounds and walks of life the opportunity to pursue a degree with the flexibility a working adult student desires. The University remains committed to providing flexible, non-traditional degree paths to help students reach their goals.

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