Men & Women’s Spending Habits Compared [Infographic]

The battle of the sexes continues it seems. We look through a ton of infographics here at Bit Rebels, and there is always one or two that compare women to men in some way or another. Usually it’s about some kind of habit, and that is what we are going to look at today. As the world gets ever more expensive to live in, it’s only natural that someone is sooner or later going to look at our spending habits, especially when it comes to how women and men spend money.

At some point in your life, you have probably tried to figure out where all that hard earned money goes, and what it is that you actually spend it on. Furthermore, it’s probably not too hard to imagine that you have wondered if your spending habits are different from other people’s, right? According to an infographic called How Men & Women Spend Money Differently, presented by Buildablock, we get a clearer view of what the spending habits look like when it comes to men and women.

One of the things that stands out is that women are more likely to indulge in retail therapy to boost their mood. Therapists explain it to be the first step in becoming a shopaholic. Since we are talking about moods, men and women’s spending habits become quite different when depressed. Men seem to be more into electronics and music, while women prefer to expand their spending habits into shoes, clothes and accessories.

Another thing that stands out quite a bit is that women are more likely to make charitable contributions, except when it comes to men who become widowers. When a man becomes a widower, he spends twice as much money on charitable contributions than any other category of people. Also, naturally men seem to spend more money on Valentine’s Day than women do, which of course isn’t such a surprise. Do you agree with these statistics, or do you find yourself confused since your spending habits are different when compared to those presented in this infographic?

Men & Women’s Spending Habits Compared


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