Why Consider Room Size As An Important Aspect While Buying Air Purifiers?

The air quality – both indoors and outdoors – is no doubt depleting day by day, but there are times when it gets difficult to breathe due to the presence of allergens. The best way to keep away the allergens from your home is to invest in a home air purifier so that the air inside is breathable. This appliance has the potential to make the air clean by sucking in all the contaminants present in it. These pollutants can be physical, chemical, or biological in nature arising from inefficient cooking or heating practices, pets at home, paints used, people who smoke etc. Even the exchange of outdoor air brings in the pollutants present in the outdoor air inside the home.

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While an air purifier is effective at cleaning the indoor air, it should be bought keeping in mind the area of the room it needs to clean. Cleaning a large area using a small purifier will simply defeat the entire process. A small purifier is designed to clean a confined room space but using it in a big living area is an ignorant choice.

Here’s why considering the room size is an important aspect while buying air purifiers.

  • Air purifiers work on the basis of CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), which is the measure of the cubic feet of air filtered per minute. If the room where you are using your home air purifier is large, you need a purifier, which has the potential to generate greater CADR.
  • The height of the ceiling also makes a difference in calculating the CADR. Two rooms with the same length and breadth but different heights of the ceiling will have different requirements of cubic-feet of air filtered per minute. However, calculating the area of the room alone by multiplying its length and breadth will solve the purpose unless you have an unusually high ceiling. This is because the purifiers are designed for general ceiling height.
  • The room size is also important because it affects the ACH (Air Change per Hour) rate. ACH is the parameter that indicates how many times an air purifier filters the entire volume of indoor air. Thus, not buying according to the area will affect the functioning and effectiveness of the purifier.
  • Air purifiers are available in various shapes and sizes. For a large area, a tower air purifier is often an ideal choice, however, for a compact space, using a bulky device is not a wise decision. You will have to save the precious floor space in a small room by opting for preferably a tabletop model.

These are a few of the important reasons why one should consider the room size when buying a home air purifier. Further, considering that the room size plays a very important role in affecting the level of purification, it is not a factor that can be ignored.

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