Creative Eggs and Toast – Breakfast Inspiration

We always hear about the importance of eating breakfast, yet it is still one of those meals that is just easier to skip. For me, a cup of coffee or hot tea is usually my breakfast of choice.

However, I think we all might be a little more motivated to eat breakfast and kick start our metabolism if it was more creative and fun, right? I know I would.

Richard wrote about how to make smiley face toast a few months ago, and ever since I read about that, I’ve wanted one of those toasters. I have two other ideas for how we can add some fun and inspiration to our breakfast. How about using these rings to make daisy eggs or this toast stamp to create and play tic-tac-toe toast? What a fun and playful way to start any day! Thank you @terrinakamura for sending such great tweets! You always give me ideas.

[via perpetualkid, mymodernmet]