Unscrambling The Question – Should Eggs Be A Part Of A Healthy Diet?

Much controversy has recently been involved with the food many of us all enjoy. Yes, eggs. They can be cooked in a variety of ways, from fried to poached, are low in calories and are also rather delicious. [pullquote]One question many people are asking is: should I have eggs or avoid them completely?[/pullquote] This article delves deep and helps to answer this very question. Let’s begin.

Firstly, it seems important to point out from where the controversy stemmed from. Simply put, eggs were thought to possibly raise cholesterol levels, yes, this thinking was drawn from incorrect conclusions. Of course, the media got on board informing the public that they should immediately avoid eating eggs. Headlines should as: “Don’t eat more than on Egg per day if you wish you avoid an early death” were part of the confusion dished out.

Simply put, those initial findings were proven to be inaccurate and the advisory limits placed on eggs have now been removed.

Eggs Are Loaded With Nutrition

Eggs are an extremely nutritious food, they contain many vitamins and minerals that are essential for the human body. From Folate (and other B vitamins) to Selenium, you’ll struggle to find a food that contains such a good balance of important nutrients.

Eggs Are Wallet Friendly

Imagine this, you’ve just gone hunting for the best 0 apr credit cards because you are struggling to pay the bills. We’ve all been there. However, looking at your groceries is a good place to start, since you can save plenty of money here. The beauty of eggs is they are rich in nutrients and they are extremely cheap to buy – so instead of reaching for an expensive steak – think eggs.

Eggs Can Companion Unhealthy Foods

The classic English breakfast, it goes back in tradition – it is very tasty and the perfect solution to a hangover. Yet – Perhaps one fault with eggs could be the foods that people sometimes partner with them. Greasy bacon being one such example. However, it is important to think about the healthy foods that can be eaten with eggs, just like with any food, so prepare accordingly. You should also explore the different methods when cooking eggs, frying them in lots of oil should be avoided – why not go hard-boiled, for example?

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Eggs Are Great For Losing Weight

A variety of studies signal that ditching the carbs for breakfast and introducing eggs is one such way to shed fat. Eggs are considered to be more ‘filling’ this is generally the nature of the protein, it makes a human feeler less hungry. Typically, an egg, depending on how it is cooked, contains 50-70 calories. That would mean that five eggs would be around 250 calories – far less than a cheese bagel. Eggs are part of many popular diets – tasteaholics claims they feature heavily in the keto diet, for example. This alone shows why eggs should be involved within the menu of anyone wanting to lose weight.

The Oldest Person Alive Swore By Eating Three Eggs A Day

You can hardly conclude too much from this, but yes, the oldest person, aged 117, who recently died, believed that eggs played a role in her longevity. If that isn’t food for thought, I’m not sure what is. (pun intended).

To conclude, you are probably now sick of reading about eggs, yet you can feel confident that all concerns surrounding the phony research (which caused great concern about eggs) has now been debunked.

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Unscrambling The Question – Should Eggs Be A Part Of A Healthy Diet?

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