Dad Uses His Helicopter To Remove His Son’s Loose Tooth

There are a lot of ways you could remove a loose tooth but for some, it has to be spectacular. A Virginia pilot with over 13 years of experience decided to show the world what “Epic” really means. His son Carson, a now seven-year-old Internet celebrity, couldn’t wait for his loose tooth to pop out, but it didn’t. Apparently, if you own a helicopter, there are ways to make a tooth pop out all by itself. As you can probably guess already, the whole stunt is now the stuff of legends.

Using a fishing line tied to his son’s loose tooth and his helicopter, father Rick Rahim ascended to the heavens. Complete with epic music and all, the tooth came out, and the viral video is now a fact. “We tied the fishing wire to his tooth, and the rest is history,” said Rick.

At the end of the video, to assure the viewers the stunt was not dangerous in any way, Rick said -“You’ve got to do everything safe in life, and that’s what I did today.

Never during my seven years running Bit Rebels have I seen something so mind-blowing. Talk about taking things to the extreme! The loose tooth is now out and for Carson, that is all that matters. I am sorry to say, us ordinary parents can only dream of being as epic as Rick. The question whether it is good parenting or not is probably going to dominate the comment section of this article.

Our prediction is that this crazy video is going to go viral on the Internet in a day or so. Perhaps you know of a more extreme way someone has removed a tooth. The only way to know is if you let us know in the comment section below. The next level is probably to get a loose tooth removed by a space rocket. It’s a mad world we are living in; that is for sure!

Father Uses Helicopter To Remove Son’s Loose Tooth

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