Designing The Ultimate Smart Kitchen

Whether you’re planning a new property, buying a new home or refurbishing your existing space, few tasks are quite as exciting, or consuming, as designing a kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of the home; a place where the family can come together and enjoy meals while discussing the intricacies of their day.

Rather than using our kitchens solely to store and prepare food as we used to, we are increasingly turning to use them as social spaces. A family business is now conducted within those four walls. For this reason, our kitchens must think smarter, and work harder than they ever have done before.

It all sounds very complicated, but your dream smart kitchen could be easier to achieve than you at first imagine.

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Smart Means Stylish

Let’s start with the obvious; smart means stylish. Often when we refer to a space as being smart we’re addressing its uniformity and use of color, and your new kitchen is no exception. You will want a kitchen that’s aesthetically pleasing as well as practical; a space you’ll want to use for creating culinary masterpieces. Consider the color scheme that you’d like and the units, furniture and appliances you’ll choose. How is your space going to work to its best potential? What do you want it to look like? In this instance smart is subjective, so you can let your imagination run free.

Smart Means Serviceable

As well as looking good your kitchen must work for you; smart must mean serviceable. Kitchens are typically fluid spaces, where one task or chore can easily lead to the next thing on your to-do list. Surfaces must be close enough together to facilitate making intricate meals while giving you plenty of space to maneuver. Larger spaces will benefit from an island unit, breakfast bar or table, which means you’re never far away from what you need. Similarly, smaller spaces should be neat and tidy, with plenty of storage to keep your surfaces free.

Smart Means… Smart

These days there are very few aspects of our lives not touched by technology, and your home is no different. Whether you’re ordering takeaway via an app, reminding your central heating when you’d like to be warmer, or popping your lights on a timer, your home has no doubt become a haven for gadgets and gizmos – and your kitchen is about to enter the twenty-first century. Modern kitchen appliances are been designed to help us live, work and eat better and more efficiently, and will create interactivity we’ve previously only dreamed about. Take, for example, the appliances that can be controlled via an app; your evening meal could be on the go before you set foot in your kitchen. Meanwhile, cloud connectivity will have your kitchen running like clockwork in no time at all.

Smart Means Storage

Clutter is the scourge of the modern home and could be preventing your kitchen from fulfilling its functionality. A few accessories and appliances will make your house a home, but many more than that will pause productivity – not to mention getting in the way of your smart kitchen’s stylish new look.

Smart means storage; consider the items that you are going to need to prepare food, cook dishes and enjoy meals together, and work storage solutions into your units, appliances and accompanying furniture. There are some truly innovative means of storage that won’t cost the earth, and your kitchen will remain smart forevermore.

Don’t Neglect The Basics

Your new kitchen may look the way you’d like it to and work for you in numerous, smart ways, but does it contain the items that fulfill your family’s necessities? For example, your oven may be able to communicate with your kettle while keeping your living room cool but can you see where you’re going? Lighting is a huge consideration for a kitchen, but we’re often too fussed about appliances to remember the things that make a house a home. Window shutters are an excellent addition to any smart kitchen, providing light and temperature control throughout the year.

What’s more, shutters can be customized to fit any space, and will stylishly suit any theme you could imagine. Additional furniture, glassware, and crockery are also considerations you should be making as your kitchen comes towards completion.

So, what does it mean for a kitchen to be smart? In this instance, ‘smart’ refers to style, service, and storage, as well as including the technology you’ll no doubt enlist to transform your culinary dreams into reality. The ultimate smart kitchen is sophisticated and functional; neat and well-equipped. Thanks to a wealth of inspiration and opportunities your ultimate smart kitchen is just a click, swipe and a tap away.

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