The Different Types Of BB Pellets And What They Mean

Whether you have previously shot airsoft guns or are newcomers, finding the proper ammunition is beneficial to your overall experience. While you may have heard the terms BBs and pellets interchangeably, they both have their differences, with each type of pellet having its distinct purpose.

Here you can discover everything you need to know about BB pellets and which one works best for your needs.

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What’s The Difference Between BBs And Pellets?

BBs are usually made from steel and tend to move much faster than pellets. They are used for backyard plinking, and since they are round, the lack of aerodynamics makes them unintended for pest control or hunting.

Shooting BBs is most suitable for training, unwinding, and recreational purposes. There are high-quality, excellent, and innovative BB Pellets from the UK’s largest retailer of bbs and accessories, which allows you to select the perfect essentials for your shooting needs. Furthermore, knowing the different types of BB pellets and what they mean can help you decide.

It is very dangerous to shoot BBs on hard surfaces because they bounce and can cause serious injury. The “Pellet Traps” have been designed to secure pellets, but they are also not made to stop ricochet from BBs. You may need to look for a trap that is safe for shooting both with BBs and pellets.

As opposed to BBs, pellets are made by mixing lead with other components. Being lead is a soft compound, pellets have a smaller chance of ricocheting compared to BBs. Pellets also lose more energy prior to impact.

Different Types Of BB Pellets

The right BBs are as crucial as shooting them with your airsoft gun. The weight, type, and size of each vary. However, one universal rule applies that the more lightweight your airsoft BBs are, the further and faster they will travel once fired. While heavier pellets are more accurate, their range and speed are limited by their weight. Light bbs are also less accurate and more prone to move when shot compared to heavier pellets.

Understanding BBs and how to find the right ones for you is essential. It can help improve your shooting technique and will tell you more about your gun. It may take some trial and error, but you’ll have fun in the process.

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to the various BB pellets.

Bio BBs (Biodegradable BB Pellets)

These safe and toxic-free bb gun pellets will naturally disintegrate on your target area or garden in case your pet consumes them. However, it’s always essential to check the label before buying. This pellet type may cost you extra compared to other non-bio counterparts.

Take note that biodegradable bbs tend to break easily from the impact. If you shoot at someone using a mesh mask, chances are, the fragments will go through their covers. They are highly recommended for people who shoot in their garden or are not a fan of picking up pellets moving forward.

Regular BBs

They are considered the most economical and the best types of pellets to choose from. They are multifunctional, reliable, and less prone to cracking or breaking, which secures your airsoft gun. These are a favorite among bb gun users due to their affordability and advantages.

Paintball BBs

This kind of bb pellet leaves paint marks once you’ve hit your aimed target. However, these BB pellets are not recommended for high-end airsoft guns. They may not be as strong as your other preference since they are intended to beak on a particular impact.

Furthermore, when these pellets break into your pricey AEG, it can leave an unpleasant mess that can be hard to clean and potentially cause the guns airsoft gun to get jammed. It’s ideal to use these bb pellet types with your affordable bb pistols and spring rifles.

Softmark Marking BBs

If you are looking for a bb pellet that leaves a soft chalk-mark-like once you hit your aimed target, then this one’s for you. This will stop any disputes whether you hit an opponent or not. This is a unique bb pellet type, and there are limitations to its availability. This type is ideal for target shooting and practices.

Exploding BBs

Exploding BB pellets does not literally mean they burst when you fire them. This means they blow holes on paper sheets and walls for the matter and ‘cracks’ on impact with a hard surface. Technically, you’ll need to wear proper protective gear and eye protection that comes with durable and solid lenses.

Ditch the mesh types as fragments can penetrate through the holes of your mesh screens. This is probably the most fun kind of BB pellet you’ll find.

Tracer BBs

BB pellets that glow or are illuminated are typically tracer bb pellets for shooting in darkness. These bbs can be used for indoor or outdoor target shooting. Because of their glow, they are highly suitable for low-light training and gaming.

The thing about these BB pellet types is the fact that you’ll notice them flying through the air after leaving their travel track. They are powerful like regular BB pellets but a lot more expensive than the others.

Aluminum Metal BBs

If you search for the strongest types of BB pellets, aluminum metal bbs are your excellent choice. These pellets won’t hurt you more than other standard pellets once you get hit by them. However, these BBs look stunningly incredible and sets you apart from the crowd or competition as they are pretty rare to find since not many shops and retailers sell them these days.

Final Words

Knowing which type of bb pellet works best for your gun is essential. This will give you a better shooting experience and accuracy. While there are plenty of manufacturers out there, identifying your needs can simplify your decision-making when purchasing one.

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