The Digital Shopping List Device That Will Simplify Your Life

Is your fridge covered in post-it notes with stuff you need from the store? Do you find that you often forget important items when you’re shopping? Do you wish you could compile your shopping list by simply talking to your fridge? If so, this digital shopping list organizer might be just what you need. Using state-of-the-art voice recognition technology, this device makes it so easy to add items to your list, and even the kids can contribute.

Even though there are over 2,500 preloaded items including grocery items, office supplies, household bits-and-pieces and school equipment, it also has a customizable library where you can add your favorite things, brands and obscure geeky items. I’m not a big coupon user, but if I was, the coupon flagging feature could help lower the weekly shopping bill since it identifies items you have coupons for.

All the entries are categorized and listed in this digital shopping device alphabetically. Now if we could only encourage the supermarkets to merchandize the aisles like that, our shopping experience might become more like completing a task list than a treasure hunt. That’s not going to happen though, is it? So instead, you can tailor your lists to match your local store’s layout (or any store’s layout). My local store has its own app (Woolworth’s app), but there’s nothing quite like doing your shopping with an actual, tangible paper list. This is especially true with one that looks like it might even be a printout from the deli section. The printout, or list, is printed using a thermal printer which means that you won’t have to buy ink cartridges.

Once you get home from the store and into your kitchen this little baby doesn’t stop helping out. After you have finished cutting up and preparing all of the vegetables that it just reminded you to buy for your culinary triumph, you can use its built-in kitchen timer to make sure you cook them to perfection. I really didn’t intend for this post to sound like a sales pitch from a home shopping network, but this digital shopping creator (even though it’s a super cheesy idea) just really appeals to me, and I’m quite sure I’m not alone. Perhaps it’s because I’m not really a very smart shopper. Before I forget, other notable features include:

• An errand tracker (for your to-do lists)
• Built in magnets and wall mounting kit
• An extra printing roll

And with no fear left of sounding like a home shopping network ~ Batteries are not included. So even though there are probably dozens of iOS & Android apps out there with a similar purpose, this digital shopping device not only appeals to those who don’t have a smartphone, but also those like me who like a combination of digital and analog technology to simplify their lives.

Digital Shopping List Device Combines Digital & Analog Tech



Image Credits: [Brookstone]