Discreet Ways To Use Medical Cannabis – A Guide For Parents

Owing to more and more countries legalizing medical cannabis, the options for medicinal cannabis use for an assortment of medical conditions has increased drastically. This, in turn, has put parents in wonder whether marijuana legalization has opened doors for adolescent marijuana use or not.

Now, it is to be understood that cannabis legalization does not really provide immediate access to youngsters for using cannabis unless they have a debilitating medical condition that actually needs cannabis treatment. And to be able to get legal access to use marijuana, one requires a medical marijuana card.

Now that cannabis is legal in most of the US states for recreational and medicinal purposes, parents might have different questions about how to talk to their child about marijuana or even how to tell them about their marijuana use. In this blog, we will be discussing the most important queries parents have about medical cannabis.

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What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis refers to the dried leaves and flowers of Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa plants. Cannabis comes in different strains, and types such as Feminized Marijuana seeds. Most growers aim to obtain smokable buds. If you want to produce seedlings, feminized seeds are not efficient. Popular for its therapeutic properties, the herbal drug is also referred to by different names such as marijuana, ganja, weed, hash, pot, etc.

Owing to marijuana’s potential in treating different medical conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, etc, more and more states have approved the legal use of cannabis. The two main compounds that contribute to the herb’s medicinal properties are CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

CBD is one of the most prevalent cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant which produces different effects such as relaxation, pain-relief, anti-inflammation, etc. THC, on the other hand, is known for its psychoactive effects or the ‘high’ feeling that is commonly associated with marijuana use. Studies have shown that CBD and THC can actually benefit a person’s health when consumed keeping in mind the following things like dosage, time-duration, etc.

What Are The Different Ways To Use Cannabis?

The growing popularity of medical and recreational cannabis has opened doors for a bunch of cannabis products that can be consumed in different ways. Though some of you must know the common ways to use cannabis, below we have enlisted the most popular methods of how one can consume marijuana.


Smoking has to be the most common and ancient way of consuming cannabis. Cannabis smokers have a bunch of tools which they use to smoke. Below are the different ways how one can smoke cannabis:

  • Out of hand pipes
  • Smoking a joint
  • Smoking out of bongs
  • Smoking blunts


Vaping is known as a lesser harmful method of consuming cannabis than smoking as it’s usage does not leave you with a harsh throat. One can vape through a vaporizer like a vape pen. A vaporizer uses electricity to heat cannabis mainly in oil form to extract different chemicals that induce the high feeling. One vapes just like smoking a cigarette.


Edibles have become the most widely used method of taking cannabis as eating an edible can produce significant intensity effects than the process of inhalation. Though edibles can easily take around 90-120 minutes to kick-in, their effects last for a longer period of time. Some of the popular forms of edibles are gummies, drinkables, candies, lollipops, chocolates, cookies, etc or any other cannabis-infused food.


Cannabis topicals are which can be applied directly to the skin. Some of the common topical cannabis products such as lotions, creams, bath bombs, massage oils, etc. This method does not induce the euphoric effects and is generally used for therapeutic purposes.

Tips – How To Talk To Your Child About Cannabis?

Opening up with your child about marijuana may seem difficult but it’s necessary for you to have an honest communication about the herbal drug and it’s potential. Before you start the conversation, make sure to pass out the right information about the chemical compound and its potential in both positive and negative terms. Simply put, the benefits and the side-effects. Below we have shared some of the easy tips you can use to initiate marijuana conversation with your child.

Don’t Think Too Much, Just Start The Conversation

While some modern parents are confident enough to talk with their child about marijuana, there are people who still hesitate to get vocal about topics like these. You can start the conversation by looking for different ways in the environment that could help you easily talk about marijuana without being hesitant towards the subject. For instance, if you are with your child and see a person drive past a street smoking cannabis, you can ask questions like, ‘What do you think about marijuana’? ‘Have you heard about marijuana?’, and so on.

Now, the point is to keep the whole conversation light so that the child does not feel hesitant or scared to skip the further talk.

How To Talk To Your Child About Your Marijuana Use?

Well, the simple answer is just be honest. If your child asks you if you use or have used cannabis in the past, tell the truth in a responsible way. Tell them the ‘Why’ and further explain the matter very carefully stating the legality associated with marijuana use. The purpose is to EDUCATE your child about the substance.

You Think Your Child Use Marijuana – Here’s What You Should Do

Now, if you think your child might be engaged in marijuana use, use the opportunity to indulge in deep communication rather than being angry or unsupportive. Begin by asking questions like, ‘what made them use marijuana?’ or ‘did anybody force them to try it?’, etc. Listen to their side of the story and try to understand the situation to handle it accordingly.

Bottom Line

Marijuana legalization has indeed paved the way for more easy and quick marijuana supply even amongst minors. This, in turn, has raised more concern amongst the parents about marijuana use and their child. The bottom line here is to understand that a child needs to have accurate and dependable information about cannabis so that he or she can make a rational choice of why or if the substance should be consumed.

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