What Should You Do If You’re Arrested In A Foreign Country

One of the most important things that most travelers tend to overlook is making sure that they are aware of the laws of the country they are traveling to. Since every country has a different law system, what you do in the U.S may not be considered legal in another country.

In fact, according to one of the best Orlando criminal defense attorney, more than hundred people deal with foreign arrests around the world. And most of the time the arrest happens because the tourist was not aware of the local law.

Being arrested in a foreign country can be a traumatic, frightening, and distressing experience. But should you find yourself in this situation, here is what you should do.

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Don’t Panic

No matter what crime you have been charged for, do not panic or run away from the scene of the crime. Stay calm for as long as you can and cooperate with the local law enforcement. If you panic, you will create doubt amongst the local authorities and this could turn chaotic.

Also, make sure that you do not act aggressively against the police. They are taught all over the world to deal aggressively against people who lose control.

Get Legal Help Immediately

It is very crucial to seek legal help immediately after you have been arrested. Do not make any statements to the police on your own and ask them to arrange for legal help or have them call your lawyer back home. Make sure you do not sign any documents without a lawyer going through them first.

Most law enforcement around the world is trained to get a confession out of you immediately after you have been arrested. This is why you should make sure that you maintain your innocence no matter what the questions being asked.

If you’re in a country with a different language other than English, just tell them you are unable to understand them. If there is no immediate legal help available, make sure to at least get a translator until a lawyer is able to represent you. This way you’ll have a good understanding of what is being asked and what you should answer in return.

Again, it is very important not to sign any documents without a lawyer going through them first. You should also realize that dealing with criminal charges is very different from dealing with DUI charges in any given country.

Get In Touch With Your Embassy

The first thing you should do is get in touch with your embassy in the country. Embassy’s first priority is to keep you safe no matter what the charges are. They may even hire immediate legal help to aid you in this.

Through an embassy, you can also call your friends and family back home and let them know about your troubles. The embassy has many contacts and usually is able to get you out of trouble almost immediately. At least this way you won’t have to go behind bars until your case is decided.

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