9 Bizarre Laws In American History [Infographic]

In order to have balance in our society, we have to have laws. Without them, people would most likely go buck wild on each other for no apparent reason. There are of course moral laws that we all have, but the glue that holds our functioning society together are actual laws. There are good and bad laws, but also laws that are downright bizarre. They exist throughout the world, but when we look at the most bizarre laws in America, we can find quite a few strange ones throughout history.

I am sure most of us could think of a law that we ourselves think is quite crazy, right? But I can assure you that after you’ve looked at these 9 bizarre laws from American history, there will be no contest about which one is crazier. There are new laws passed every year, and that’s what worries a lot of people. With laws come restrictions, and restrictions could come to hinder all kinds of creativity, innovation and progress to make our world better. But that’s not saying any of these would be anything other than bizarre laws that you would think were filed just because they were so crazy.

For example, did you know that it’s illegal to harass Bigfoot? Yes, it’s actually true! You could get fined $100,000 or 10 years in prison for such a deed, at least according to this bizarre laws infographic presented by Best Paralegal Schools Online (design by NowSourcing). It’s also illegal to bite someone’s leg off. First of all, that wouldn’t be polite, but I think we all know that, right? I mean, it kind of goes without saying, yet there is a law for it. Bizarre laws will always exist I am sure, but these are just hilarious.

There might be a lot of laws, and usually they are created to prevent something that has happened in the past. The bear exploit law seems quite legit actually. I can understand why that was filed and clubbed through, can’t you? When it comes to Bigfoot however, the legitimacy of it seems somewhat strained – not that I don’t think the law exists or has existed, but just the fact that there could be a lot of people harassing Bigfoot seems somewhat problematic since there isn’t 100% proof that a Bigfoot really exists. Well, have a look through these 9 bizarre laws that once existed or still exist in American history and be amazed.

America’s 9 Most Bizarre Laws In History

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