Downsizing Life – The House The Size Of A Parking Space

We’ve seen a lot of wild and crazy houses, haven’t we? After all, there is that woman who is building a house made from an old airplane, there is my dream house, which is insanely cool, and now… I introduce to you… the house that is as big as a parking space. Well, it’s not quite that big. It is 84 sq. feet.

Wow, how is this possible? According to Dee Williams, it’s all about simplifying her life to be happier. There is something about this that I really respect. Her utility bill is only about $6 each month.

Did she decide to live this way because she is broke? Nope, as a matter of fact, now she has a lot of extra money to give away to friends and family in need. To put this in perspective, walking from one end of her house to the other is 4 or 5 steps. Her house is even smaller than some of these fancy dog houses! Her tiny house, which sits on wheels, is parked in the backyard of a friend’s house.

When you watch the video below, you’ll see it’s only a small step above camping. Call me crazy, but I could totally get into living like this. It’s close to nature and so peaceful. What a great escape from society’s norms. I love it!

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