Downtown Areas Ideal For Young Professionals Buying A Condo

Big cities are a haven for young professionals looking to have a great time. They offer the perfect blend of beautiful scenery, nightlife, and walkability. However, there are going to be some cities that are better than others for young professionals, based on these critical prerequisites. Buying a condo also makes a lot of sense for young professionals in these downtown areas.

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Downtown Nashville

Nashville has some of the best live music shows and entertainment in the entire country. It also has many great restaurants, bars, and schools for people looking for that extra education. It offers the perfect blend of southern culture with coastal features.

This makes it an excellent place for young professionals to live in, work, and even potentially raise a family. There are many museums nearby, so you always have some extra entertainment options.

The layout of the downtown area makes it very good for walking around. It has an excellent walkability score, and you can hop on local transportation if you don’t feel like walking. For a temporary stay, you have access to many great hotels with bars and restaurants nearby.

The Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum is located in the downtown area. It features many great exhibits, and it is the perfect place for music lovers to visit. You also have an NFL team just across the bridge, so you can see the Titans play on Sundays, Mondays, or Thursdays.

There are a few beautiful parks for you to relax and enjoy. In fact, you have many other museums around the area as well. These are all museums for people who love music. Tennessee State University is nearby, so it is a perfect place to go and take some extra classes.

If you want to change jobs, or you are looking for other options. There are a few media companies in the downtown area, including Warner Music Group, Round Table Media, and Rounder Records. These offer great salaries, benefits, and prestige. It makes this area the perfect place to live for young professionals who are in the music industry. This is the city where most country singers to launch their careers.

Is Nashville an affordable city? The answer is yes. It compares favorably to other similarly sized cities, and you won’t regret going here. The average price for a home in this section of Nashville is around $300,000.

Old Town Scottsdale

When it comes to having fun in the desert, you won’t find another city like Scottsdale. This is what makes Old Town Scottsdale so attractive for young professionals. If you are in this demographic, you should look for Old Town Scottsdale condos for sale right now. The reality is that these units sell fast because this is an area that is booming.

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the major attractions located within this part of the city. It is an excellent place to go and look at beautiful art pieces from some of the most well-renowned artists in the entire world. There are also many great accommodations for people looking for a temporary stay before deciding to move here. You can find great old town Scottsdale condos for sale quite easily too.

There are many different places located close to each other, so walkability is quite good for this area. You also have a stadium with many great sports activities to keep you occupied. You have effective options for healthcare, so you don’t have to worry about getting sick or something else happening to you.

What separates this area from many others is how many different restaurant options you have for dining out. You won’t get bored with everything available, so you will be able to enjoy new meals all the time.

The most important thing that you need to know is that for professionals in the healthcare industry, there are a few hospitals for you to work. It is also one of the more affordable cities in the country.

Downtown Austin

The tech industry has attracted a lot of other young professionals to Austin. It is a place where you will feel at home, and you will have a lot of things to see and do. Downtown Austin is an exceptional place to stay, and it is one of the best places to get a condo.

What makes this place so special is that you have many restaurants and clubs within walking distance of each other. When it comes to getting to work, you have excellent public transportation. The highway is also nearby, so you can get to all the major cities in the area.

The Austin Convention Center is one of the most interesting and exciting places for people who want to see a nice show or event. You also have The Escape Game, Austin, which is an excellent place for you to experience. There is a part nearby for when you want to stretch your legs and explore the nature in the area. You also have access to Google fiber in this part of Austin.

For people who are looking for work, Facebook has an office here, so it is an excellent place for young professionals in the software engineering industry. You will be looking at a very high wage while also enjoying a place with a great cost of living compared to California and other expensive states. However, the cost of living keeps rising as more people move to this area.

Downtown Jacksonville

Downtown Jacksonville puts you in the heart of a major city in beautiful Florida. You have warm weather throughout the year, and there are excellent beaches nearby. You also have great fishing spots, which is a great way for young professionals to relax and unwind.

The biggest attraction here is the stadium where the Jacksonville Jaguars play. You can spend a lot of time enjoying an exciting NFL game with your friends. You also have nightclubs in the area, so you can go out and party. However, the best thing about living in this part of Jacksonville is the St. John’s River. It is an excellent place to take in some lovely scenery.

The Duval Container Company is located near here, so you can get a job there if you are looking. Jacksonville is one of the most affordable places for young professionals to live in. When compared to other big cities, it feels cheap in comparison. You will be able to easily find an inexpensive condo, and you will also be able to save your money for the future. Being that it is Florida, walkability will not be possible here, as you will need a vehicle to get to major shopping malls and other places. However, there is public transportation, which is good enough for you to enjoy yourself while living here.

Downtown Boise

Downtown Boise is an excellent place for young professionals to buy a condo. There are many restaurants for you to take your friends out for a night of eating and fun. Walkability is excellent here, and you even have a few places to go and see.

The main place for you to go and have fun is the Boise Art Museum. You also have Zoo Boise, which is an excellent place to go look at lovely animals.

Walkability is excellent in this city, and you will be able to get around on foot quite easily. However, you might want a vehicle for going further distances.

AmericanPharma Technologies Inc is one of the many major companies in the area, and you will love the other options for young professionals looking for a job. It is a very affordable city, which will be really good for your wallet.


Each of these cities are ideal for young professionals who love the city life, and want to live somewhere with plenty to see and do.

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