An Easy Guide On What Information To Collect After A Car Crash

When you are involved in a car accident, there are certain key aspects that you should cover to ensure that you are protected. If an accident took place due to another person’s negligence, you are entitled to get compensation for any property damages and injuries you suffered. To receive the compensation you deserve, you need to prove the other driver’s fault in the accident. You can successfully do that when you have indisputable evidence to support your insurance claim.

Therefore, you need to collect specific information after the accident that you can use to back up your claim. Here is an easy guide on what information to collect after a car crash.

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Seek Legal Help

Before we go into the required evidence, there is one very important step you need to know about. When you are involved in a car crash, you should immediately seek legal help from your attorney. A specialized lawyer can help you collect relevant evidence that you can use to boost your claim for compensation. The Pasadena car accident lawyers at explain that there are different measures that you should take when you are involved in a crash.

Your attorney can walk you through the necessary steps and help you document all your injuries and damages. With the right information, you can get a fair settlement that makes up for the economic and non-economic losses you incurred. Negotiating a fair settlement is a more difficult process than many people think. Thus, it is vital to hire a qualified car accident attorney who can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Details About What Transpired

When you record the details of the accident, you need to state the date and time of its occurrence as well as its exact location. You also need to clearly describe the direction that you were heading and the direction of the other car when the accident took place. You can take photos from different angles to provide finer details of the accident scene. In most cases, an accident victim can be shaken after the crash, so you should calm down first before you document what happened.

You can record a voice message about what transpired with your phone if you cannot write. You should also record the weather conditions, visibility level, as well as the condition of the road. If any police officers report to the scene, get their names, contact information, and badge numbers.

Contact Information Of The People Involved In The Accident

It is essential to get the details of everyone involved in the car accident, so write down their names, contact numbers, and addresses. You should also take photos of the injured people. More importantly, exchange insurance information with the other driver and get their name and address. Additionally, you should also get the driver’s license information to check if they are unlicensed.

Details About Vehicles Involved In The Crash

Try to get the details of the cars involved in the accident. For instance, you need to write a description of the other car involved in the crash. Details like car make, plate number, and vehicle identification number (VIN) can be helpful. Most insurance companies use a car’s VIN, so make sure you get it correctly.

You also need to record if any of the vehicles were towed from the accident scene, you should use your phone to take images of all the vehicles involved in the accident. The pictures could help in assessing the damage to the cars and determine fault in the accident.

Collect Information From Eyewitnesses

The other thing that you should do is get the details of the witnesses present at the accident scene. Write down their names together with their contact information like their addresses and phone numbers. If possible, you can also ask them to record what they have witnessed during and after the accident. That information can be used in the police report, which can support your insurance claim.

Car accidents are quite common and, in many cases, they are caused by other people’s negligence. Car crashes usually result in severe damage to property in addition to bodily injuries. In such a situation, you will be entitled to get compensation from the wrong doer’s insurance company. To win your compensation claim, you should have solid evidence that proves you were not responsible for the car crash.

While it is important to collect necessary information after a car crash, you need to be careful not to give a recorded statement that can be used against you by the other party’s insurance company. The other driver can seem compassionate at first, but they might be trying to manipulate you to say something that they can use to pay you less than you deserve.

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