Eating Healthy While On A Paleo Diet

Many people automatically assume that the paleo diet is healthy. While it definitely can be if you do everything right, the foods on this diet tend to be very calorie-dense if you aren’t careful. From meats and potatoes to massive amounts of fat, many people accidentally go overboard with this diet. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you stay on track so that you can eat healthy while sticking to this diet’s philosophy.

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Eat More Vegetables

People usually associate the paleo diet with meat. While there is plenty of meat and other animal products in this diet, you should also focus on eating vegetables for fiber, nutrients, and as a low-calorie way of getting through the day.

While sweet potatoes are found in many paleo recipes, you must also focus on squash, cauliflower, leafy greens, and other healthy vegetables to ensure you trim your waistline while staying satisfied.

Plan Ahead

The paleo diet focuses on whole foods that often require time to cook and prepare. This means you need to spend more time considering your meal plan along with getting in the kitchen and doing the work.

If you want to stick to this diet, then you need to have a plan about what you’re going to make and when you’re going to make it. A paleo diet shopping list and meal plan are essential if you want to stick to this diet for many months or years to come. It might be hard at first, but you can do this with the right support.

New Kitchen Appliances

Along with having enough time to cook food, you may want to consider buying new kitchen appliances or using ones that have been sitting around for a long time. If you’re going to make your meals more affordable, then consider a slow cooker. This cooks meat and other ingredients all day until they are flavorful and tender. This saves money because you can use cheaper cuts of meat but still have lots of flavors.

You may also want to consider a pressure cooker to speed things up. This makes meals about 70 percent faster than other cooking methods. Despite the speed, the food still has a cooked-all-day flavor.

Remember The Options

Many people call the paleo diet restrictive and burdensome. You can’t have any grains, and many modern foods are to be reduced or taken out of your diet completely. For those who are new to the diet or who don’t look up recipes, this can be too restrictive. Trying to consider a week without any desserts is enough to drive most people away from this diet.

You have to remember the options available to you. You may not be able to use wheat flour, but there are many other flours that work well with the paleo diet and allow you to enjoy your favorite foods again. Be sure to check recipes and substitute ingredients for your favorite foods. Take look at this article from Proper Good for instance.

Make Sauces

Many people love having sauce on their meats and other foods. While there are some paleo sauces available, these brands may not be available at your local grocery store. Don’t be afraid of making your own sauces. It’s, effortless and you can do quite a bit with oils, apple cider vinegar, and the proper amount of spices.

Just research some paleo sauce recipes, and you’ll see how each they are. Not only that, but they are significantly healthier than buying these same sauces from the store.

Nutrition Information

Many people who start paleo have no idea how many calories they’re consuming. There are several reasons for this. You probably don’t have as many nutrition labels to read because you’re making the food from scratch. You may also not know how to measure your food for a healthy portion.

Be sure to check the nutrition information and serving size online. You can find this with most search engines. It will make it much easier to track how much you’re eating. Not only that, but this makes you more involved with your nutrition, and that often leads to slimming down.


The paleo diet is relatively easy if you have a diet plan and shopping list in mind. These tips will help ensure you stay healthy while enjoying one of the best diets available.

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