Eco-House: Bit like a tardis…

People are always looking for better ways of recycling old stuff,  I’m not a big fan of tree hugging, but I don’t see the point in putting lots of useful stuff in a big hole in the ground.

On the outskirts of Manchester, near Sale there is a strange site you can see from the M60 (motorway/freeway/highway whatever you call it – a fast road), of some strange alien looking pods.  They either look like they have just landed or are just going to launch.

Thanks to my sign making, a few summers ago I was able to visit this project and visit the pods myself, and I must say they are better than a caravan.  Personally I couldn’t live in the smallest ones, but they would make a great lake side fishing retreat.   I have not had the pleasure of visiting the bigger pods, but I did see the start of them.  They were huge and the dome idea works really well.

You can see their work here: