Lobster In Ice Cream: Disgusting Or Delicious

We write about a lot of things on Bit Rebels that fall into the WTF category of creations. They are usually things that you just have to stare at in disbelief. Every now and then, those things involve food. It seems chefs can be just as creative as any other artists, and the combinations they sometimes create are fun and freaky.

We all expect to see strange delicacies when it comes to bacon since bacon is in a class all its own. As a matter of fact, did you know that a Los Angeles based ice cream shop called Lake Street Creamery serves a pancake, bacon and coffee flavored ice cream named Pancake Breakfast? You can check that out here.

How about seafood in ice cream? Have you ever thought about that before? As it turns out, there is a Lobster Ice Cream which apparently a lot of people say is delicious. The recipe is simple. You simply cook the lobster, remove the shell, chop it up, put some butter on it, and mix it into either vanilla or butter pecan ice cream. I really like ice cream, and I really like lobster, but the thought of mixing the two together makes me gag. Who would want to eat partially frozen pieces of seafood? Would you try it? If you are ever in Vegas, you can taste this at Lobster ME in the Miracle Mile shopping mall, or you can call Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium in Bar Harbor, Maine and they might be able to ship you some.

Seafood Mixed Into Icecream

Seafood Mixed Into Icecream

Seafood Mixed Into Icecream

Via: [Jaunted] Header Image Credit: [Miss Tiffie]