Eggs for Rich People: An Example of Brilliant Brand Marketing

One thing that has always fascinated me from a marketing and branding perspective is how some savvy marketers are able to appeal to a certain demographic of people, and as a result of their success, they are able to demand a higher price for their product.

A good example of this is cologne or perfume. There are certain scents that smell “wealthy,” but how is that possible? It is just a smell. It is because the marketing is done so well that we associate people that wear that scent with having money. In many cases, we are even willing to pay a higher price for that product than we might normally spend.

In this example, the marketing is for eggs. That’s right, eggs. If you owned a marketing company or advertising agency, and if you were hired to market these eggs to the public as “rich people eggs,” how would you do it? I mean, eggs are eggs, right? There is a distinction between white and brown, there are cage-free and organic, but for the most part, I don’t know of an egg brand that is for people with money, do you? Advertising agency, WFCA, was recently hired to do just that. Their job was to make Clarence Court, a brand that sells all kinds of eggs, look luxurious. They were told to communicate to an “increasingly sophisticated foodie audience.”

They ultimately decided to do a photo shoot with sophisticated looking birds. According to their official website, “we shot them in a way which makes them look beautiful and glamorous…” It almost makes you forget we are talking about eggs and birds, doesn’t it? The little video below showing the photo shoot with the birds is definitely worth checking out. In my opinion, this is brand marketing at its best!