Elevate Your Home By Choosing Liberty Furniture Products

Only a few furniture companies can stand out in the United States. Due to the abundance of options, homeowners face the toughest decision of which one to go for. But if you’re looking for a company that prioritizes values and service over its bottom line, then choose Liberty Furniture.

It’s feasible for a company to thrive in a cut-throat industry such as the furniture manufacturing business. As long as you give importance to value-oriented products and customer relationships, you’re going to get ahead of the competition. And this is where Liberty gained its success since starting almost three decades ago. Learn why this brand is the best for your home.

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Liberty Furniture Offering Value In Every Piece

Since 1992, Liberty Furniture has been employing a kind and friendly service to all their clients. Moreover, the brand ensures quality is never compromised when it comes to creating new magnificent pieces.

Their success stems from the values they so rightly believe in. Values such as hard work, fairness, and integrity are always the top priority before, during, and after manufacturing and distributing products for your home.

Liberty is a privately-owned company that puts these values right at the very heart of the business. And this is the reason why they go neck and neck with the top furniture companies in the United States.

Additionally, the company ensures fill rates are of the highest of standards through their Supply Chain Program. This allows their manufacturing facilities to ensure that the products’ flow and assembly are optimized.

This system is also beneficial to cater to every customer demand, inventory levels, and order fulfillment. And because they value customer relationships more than anything else, the brand offers a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

For almost 30 years, Liberty has never failed to disappoint clients with their unceasing services and eye for detail. Their products are guaranteed to comply with national and international human rights and environmental laws such as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), California Air Resources Board (CARB), Proposition 65, and more.

Liberty also believes in giving back to their community. The company’s CEO and President Jason Brian gave a generous donation to Cobb Community Foundation (CCF). The brand ensures they dedicate a part of their funds to a charitable organization that helps continue their mission of aiding the local community.

Why Liberty Items Are The Best For Your Home

Liberty Furniture prides itself on creating the most stylish, versatile, and durable products for your home. The company claims that all their products are created based on years of knowledge together with a bright vision of the future. They work with the leading industry designers to ensure their pieces are new, updated, and cater to every modern home.

By using high-quality wood, detail-oriented finishing, excellent veneers, and beautiful distressing, they are able to produce collections such as the Magnolia Manor. This collection is stunning for any bedroom.

The pieces are complemented with an impressive antique white finish, antique brass hardware, felt-lined drawers, full metal extension glides, tufted upholstery headboards, and more stunning traditional components.

However, Liberty offers more than traditional collections. They also have vintage pieces like the Andulasia collection, contemporary such as the Arlington House collection, or modern with a vintage touch like the Brayton Manor collection.

Final Thoughts

Elevate your home with exquisite pieces from Liberty Furniture. Whether you want contemporary, modern, casual, transitional, rustic, traditional, or basically any other home style, Liberty can deliver. If you want to check out more of Liberty’s alluring furniture items, check out Local Outlet Furniture for huge discounts.

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