Elevated Engine Oil Consumption: Why Does It Happen?

The heart of the auto is the engine. Its parts wear out faster with improper usage; as a result, the expenditure of oil raises. As practice shows, an auto enthusiast does not pay attention to high oil usage. When it rises to such a level that it becomes sensible for the budget, you cannot count on quick and inexpensive repairs.

Now we will consider several options for solving this problem and the reasons for its occurrence. To correctly detect the possible malfunctions, you can use the guides for Caterpillar electronic technician that describes the most essential news and updates of software and, hence, becomes handy in the event of required maintenance or repair.

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The Causes For An Increased Expenditure Of Oil

A variety of causes may result in raised consumption of oil. One of them is the car owner’s driving style. If an owner likes to drive at high speeds, then he needs to face with raised oil usage or change his driving style. With boosted engine loads, the likelihood of a breakdown increases.

Another reason that the auto consumes more is the wear out of internal details. Pistons, compression rings, and oil sealings raise oil spending. This is the algorithm of actions if your auto started consuming extra oil:

1. Change The Oil Producer

If the car has slightly increased oil usage, in some cases, changing the manufacturer of the oil may help. It must be performed during the scheduled car servicing. There are many producers of engine oil in the market: changing the brand can reduce oil consumption for a while.

2. Replace The Sealings Of Valve Stem

The most budgetary repair that can affect the problem is the replacement of valve stem seals. It is better to delegate this repair to car service specialists. The car will stop consuming oil for some time that directly depends on the valve stem seals.

3. Replace Compression Rings

In those cases, when the methods mentioned above have not helped, and the car still consumes excess oil amount, it is necessary to carry out more complex repair work on the changing of compression rings.

This work will cost the car owner more because it is more complex and probably will have a good impact on oil consumption. All listed repair work can be attributed to the budget category of engine repair. In any case, it is necessary to ask the pros to make unnecessary repairs and to find out the exact reason.

4. The Engine Repair

During the renovation, the engine is removed from the compartment. All its components are checked for defects. At the end of the repair works, its performance will be close to factory standards. This type of work is the most expensive but the most effective for solving problems with oil usage.

Not to repair the engine for as long as possible, it is necessary to operate it correctly and carry out scheduled maintenance. If you intend to use your car for a long time, then do not delay its preventive maintenance!

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