Elevator Shoes – Best Shoes For Short Guys

Elevator shoes can apparently do wonders for your romantic life as well. In polls conducted between men and women, it has been repeatedly found that women seem to have a preference for taller male partners in contrast to men seeking shorter female partners. In one particular poll, nearly half of the female participants cited that they prefer the man to be taller whereas nearly only 10% of the male participants cited that having a shorter female partner is a particularly desirable or important trait.

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This implies and demonstrates that it is more so of a sought-out trait for women in seeking male partners than it is for men with their female partners. Psychologists have cited a couple reasons as to why this may be the case. Some have taken into account evolutionary components where height is instinctually associated with strength and one’s ability to protect. Thus, for this reason, some women felt more secure with a partner that was taller than them.

For reasons like this, GuidoMaggi elevator shoes prove to be beneficial. Although not a permanent solution, they give that added stature to make one appear taller and hence may improve one’s love life pursuits.

Not only can elevator shoes do wonders for one’s personal life but also for one’s business and professional endeavors as well. When the credentials and qualifications are there, what’s the next step in the hiring process? Although looks are certainly not everything, whether it may come as a surprise or not, they are often taken into account. Zooming into the subject of height in particular, a couple inches could mean the difference of thousands of dollars in salary.

That’s right – statistics have shown that each inch of height essentially equates to $1,000. This means that in a comparison between a man who stands at a height of 5’8” and another that is 6’1”, there could be the difference of a $4,000 yearly salary leaving the taller individual to earn more! In a case like this, the investment you put into purchasing elevator shoes could essentially help you reap and rake in some even bigger bucks!

Psychologists have weighed into why it may be that employers seem to view taller individuals in a, particularly favorable light. Some have cited that it is because the taller height gives off an air of power. This is not to say that someone of shorter stature cannot achieve the same sense of power or lucrative income. Both are very much possible regardless of one’s height. However, elevator shoes can certainly play in one’s favor.

There are several benefits to guidomaggi.it elevator shoes. Not only do they make you look taller but they also help you feel better as well whether it be due to improving a physical health condition or boosting one’s confidence and social stamina. As if they could not get any better, they are comfortable and stylish too! Next time you find yourself in the market for a new pair of snazzy shoes, consider elevator shoes as an option.

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