Top 80 Romantic Movie Moments And Where They Happened [Infographic]

I don’t think that anyone has missed that today is Valentine’s Day and couples all around the world are celebrating. Gifts are shared, dinners are eternalized and romance fills the air in every corner of the world. For some, romance is a stretch while for others it comes naturally. But one thing that we can all agree on is that most of what we call romantic today we have learned from iconic romantic movie moments throughout movie history.

What movies do you remember that you think defined what you consider being romantic? There are a lot of romantic movie moments out there and choosing one can be hard. However, I think whether it is a moment in an action movie or a full on romantic flick, that moment stays with us throughout our life and helps us identify romance when we see and feel it.

Many couples celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking their love to romantic destinations around the globe. So, in order to help you choose what travel destination to go for, Character Cottages have produced an infographic that is definitely worthy of your attention. It’s called “Around The World In 80 Romantic Movie Moments” and is a mammoth of an infographic.

As the name indicates, the infographic presents places around the world where some of the most iconic romantic movie moments in history happened. If you are short on inspiration but still want to take your loved one for an absolutely magical trip then this infographic should be your perfect guide. Yes, 80 places are a lot, but you have to agree that there are few romantic guides out there that will encapsulate you as much as this epic infographic.

On this romantic day, there are plenty of hilarious facts flying around on the internet and one supposedly says that men spend twice as much money on Valentine’s Day than women do. But, romantic movie history also says that money can’t buy you love. Also, love will never come with a price tag, so keep spoiling each other, whether it’s with love or gifts, true love will always be the same.

Have a look at the Character Cottages’ Infographic below and check out the top 80 most romantic movie moment ever portraited on the silver screen. Not only is this infographic insanely interesting and useful, it can also up your Valentine’s Day game and increase your charm factor.

Happy Valentine’s day to all of you wonderful and amazing readers out there. May you all have an absolutely magical day and never take love for granted. Love is like water, if you don’t hold on to it with both of your hands it will fall through your fingers. – After checking out the infographic below, also check out the interactive version of the infographic made available on Character Cottages’ website.

Most Romantic Movie Moments Ever

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Top 80 Romantic Movie Moments

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