Espresso Recipe Ratios: A Field Guide For Caffeine Addicts [Chart]

Any coffee addict who needs more caffeine than most people knows to order an espresso at the coffee shop. After drinking one of those things you’ll be zipping around in double time all morning, or at least that’s what it does to me. An espresso has more caffeine than a standard coffee, but in a smaller serving size. In other words, it’s the ultimate concentrated coffee. If you love your espresso, this reference guide might be handy to help you remember the espresso recipe ratios.

When I’ve gone to some of the smaller coffee shops, I’ve noticed some of these espresso drinks listed on the menu. I always forget what comes in each one, so this chart will also come in handy when you find yourself in that situation. It’s always nice to know at a glance what comes in a Mocha Breve or a Flat White before you place your order.

This chart, which is called Espresso Field Guide: A Visual Reference For Ingredient Ratios, was created by Orbit Visual Graphic Design Studio. They also created some matching t-shirts if you want to flaunt your love of espressos that way. You can see those at Cafe Press. If you love more than just your espresso, you might prefer a chart that has more than just espresso recipe ratios on it. If so, check out this chart that lists How To Make Every Kind Of Coffee Drink.

Almost all geeks I know either enjoy coffee or tea almost every day. There are so many delicious coffees and teas to try that it never gets old. At the end of the day though, I will always choose a Caramel Macchiato. I could drink those back to back all day long. It’s like eating a decadent dessert in liquid form. If you’ve never tried one, I highly recommend it! I hope this chart with espresso recipe ratios helps you, especially if you try to make some of these yourself.

Espresso Recipe Ratios: A Field Guide For Caffeine Addicts

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