Essential Home Upgrades For Exteriors And Outdoor Spaces

Your home is more than just four walls and a roof. It’s your refuge from the outside world, a headquarters for your daily routines, and a source of security and joy. Investing in your home with room renovations, additions, and other home improvement projects won’t just increase the value of your property, it will improve your life, too.

And this is particularly true when considering home improvement projects that target the areas on the outside and surrounding your home. From the shingles on your roof to the shrubs out front, outdoor improvements can be just the thing to make your home feel bigger and more beautiful. Here are some projects to consider.

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Increasing Long-Term Value With Roofing And Siding

Roofing and siding may not be the most glamorous of outdoor improvement projects, but make no mistake: They can be among the most impactful. If you receive excellent work from contractors who specialize in roof repair or siding for a fair price, then you’ll be making a sound investment in the long-term value of your home.

The logic is simple: You may someday need roof repairs for an unpredictable reason, such as a bad storm. But not all roof damage is unavoidable. Shingles fall off on their own from time to time for the simple reason that nothing lasts forever.

But if you rely on a roofing contractor for regular maintenance and improvements, then you can be more confident in the shingles on your roof — and will be less likely to have to shell out the money for a whole new roof after a bad storm. Even the most reliable roofing system requires repairs and maintenance that address that roofing system’s needs.

Invest in a great job now and get a great price on maintenance. Taking a proactive attitude and emphasizing preventative maintenance will help keep the average cost of your roof down over the course of its lifetime.

Be sure to work with pros who know what they’re doing, such as the well-regarded group of roofing contractors in Lakewood, WA. Don’t call Lakewood home? No problem: There are sure to be great contractors in your area, too. Just look online for contractor reviews and get a free quote before getting to work.

Landscaping And Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Great roofing and siding won’t just make your home more reliable and protect your comfort, they’ll make your home look more beautiful, too. And curb appeal counts, whether you’re looking to sell your home soon or simply want to come home to a beautiful space every day.

So, when you’re done with that roofing project, call your landscaper next. Years of experience help landscapers craft outdoor spaces that DIYers would struggle to replicate. Work with a landscape architect to really plan out your whole project, then trust a landscaping contractor to put the right plants in the right places for optimal curb appeal.

Hardscaping, Pools, And Your Backyard Paradise

Curb appeal is great, but don’t forget about your backyard. Your private outdoor space is the perfect place for a swimming pool! Different pool solutions are right for different homeowners, so be sure to sit down with professionals who specialize in pool designs and installations to find the best fit for your space.

Don’t just consider the pool; think about the whole pool area, including fun details like outdoor kitchens and hardscaping improvements as well as essential safety details like pool fencing. The pool that’s the best fit for you may be different from other options, but some things never change: Homeowners with pools need proper pool fencing every single time.

Without pool fencing, your pool is a safety hazard; with it, you have a literal lifesaver protecting your pool area. There’s no such thing as pool fun without pool safety, so call in the professionals and get a great job done the first time. There are a lot of attractive options: you could keep young children out with a mesh pool fence, or you could install a sturdy iron fence that’s as beautiful as it is sturdy.

With safety fences in place and your pool in the ground, you’ll have the ultimate in outdoor improvements. You’ll be ready to swim with the family on a beautiful morning or host the whole neighborhood at your next cookout. Enjoy!

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