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I have loved Werning’s designs for years and am excited to share some of her pieces with you here. Trained as a Graphic Designer in London, Werning now lives in Stockholm, Sweden, where she started her own studio a few years ago. Going beyond traditional graphic design, she soon expanded her creative territory, releasing a line of designer note cards, wall papers and fabric prints. Werning is best known for her animal-flower series, that are now popular postcards at international gift boutiques.

What stands out most to me, is her success to create for cross-platform products. For years I have wanted to buy fun and beautiful designs for household/lifestyle products that we use everyday. Until recently, you couldn’t find any interesting/beautiful/colorful versions of everyday office products, household goods or tools. I’m excited to see that product developers are finally turning to creatives (industrial and graphic designers) to enhance their products by changing the surface, style and texture of their products. Sites like Umbra, and  See Jane Work are an inspiration to our culture today, as we expect our homes and environments to be more beautiful, more unique and more interactive.

I’m motivated to step out and design something extraordinary, are you game?