Fantastic Exercises That Improve Stamina, Quickness, And Power

To gain that competitive edge, it’s always advisable to improve stamina, quickness and power, and you can only achieve the results with the right exercises. All workout exercises are designed to train a particular energy system, and before any task, it would be best if you began with a warm-up.

Warm-ups are known to increase blood flow to the muscles, it increases your heart rate, reduces the risks of injuries, and above all, it will help burn some calories. With this in mind, here is a compilation of routine exercises that you should incorporate in your training schedule to improve stamina, quickness, and power.

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Running Stairs

Running the stairs is an ideal workout that ensures cardiovascular fitness, and helps build power and speed. Also, it helps improve your foot speed, and it’s an excellent means of sprint workout. After two months of training, you will realize power and strength in your legs. You can also add some variations to the stair workout by incorporating jump squats, foot hops, and lateral climbing.


To do squats, begin by standing upright with your toes pointed ahead. Bend your knees and lower your buttocks till you reach your knee level. Push yourself up with the weight of your heels, then repeat the process at least 20 times. The exercise is done by athletes to increase their vertical jump in a short time.

If you need help doing squats, or exercises that will increase your vertical jump, gym experts on this website often advise you to read more online content or consider hiring a fitness expert. Besides, you can twist the squatting exercise by widening your stance – you will target the thigh muscles in the process.

Hill Reps

With hill reps, you will have to run up a hill then come down jogging slowly as you recover. You have to do this repetitively and vary your tempo during the exercise. The exercise helps build endurance, muscle strength, and in due time, you will develop quick feet. You will also establish aerobic power that will be valuable when doing more challenging hill workouts soon.

Shuttle Running

The running exercise is an agility training exercise mainly employed by athletes to improve quickness and stamina. With the exercise, you will be able to inject high-intensity training in your routine program and, in the process, build your endurance, agility, and speed.

To perform the exercise, set aside a training area and place two markers. Use explosive speed to sprint from one tag to the next and do this at least seven times. Add a twist to the exercise by doing side to side runs, forward-backward runs, and forward touch-return runs.


Lunges will train a part of your body to operate independently, and in due time, it improves your body balance, making you powerful in the process. Besides, the exercise is safer than lifting dead weights, and you can do them when power walking or standing in one place. When making lunges, incorporate dumbbells, then try and keep the upper body straight, relax your shoulders, and engage your core muscles.

Plyometric Exercises

If you plan to increase your speed or build explosive power, then plyometric jumping exercises would be ideal for you. The exercise improves dexterity, coordination, and sports performance. Set some hurdles, 1 meter apart, then have your legs shoulder-width apart. Jump as you clear every hurdle then repeat the process. You can add a twist to the exercise by doing barbell jump squats, one leg jumps, depth jumps, or dunks.

Long Distance Running

Running helps increase the amount of oxygen taken in by your body when doing exercises. Also, it encourages your body to burn excess fat. It would help if you considered long-distance running at least once a week, and in the process, ensure that you hold your pace. For a beginner, complete a mile while running at a slow speed, and as you advance, you should be in a position to complete at least 6 miles.


To begin, lie flat on your belly, with your legs flat and the entire body propped by the forearms. Tighten the shoulder muscles and lower back region and raise your hips from the ground. Hold on to that position for at least a minute, then relax. Repeat the process six times to build power and stamina.

These exercises will help improve stamina, quickness, and power, but it would be best to seek guidance from an online resource or consider consulting a fitness expert. Building stamina takes time, and you should never overwork yourself to gain quick results, but instead, give yourself rest periods that will give your body time to recover.

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