Fitness Insights – 5 New Fat-Burning Exercises

According to most fitness experts, more workouts will burn more fat from your body. However, most fitness enthusiasts know the common workouts that will make you lean. Most of these workouts provide excellent results, especially when combined with legit steroids like testosterone propionate.

If you are bored with following the typical routines, you may enjoy these all-new exercises known as fat burning. You will be impressed with the results especially if an experienced trainer walks you through the training until you master how to go about it. Here are five of the best.

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Breakdance Push-Up

Most of us have seen the breakdance gurus taking the backward push-up position. This should be your starting point when doing this workout. Doing some push-ups in this position will offer all the benefits of a push-up and add flexibility on top. It may be difficult at the beginning, but consistency will make you get used to doing enough reps and rounds every day. The workout is known to burn more fat than you can imagine.

Man Maker

Despite the name, this workout is great for both men and women. One will need dumbbells to do these using the push-up position. Instead of having your hands on the ground, they will be supported by the dumbbells in each hand. Complete one set this way and eliminate one dumbbell on the next set and then the other on the following set. Immediately, grab both dumbbells with one in each hand and do a set of squats. Finally, do an overhead press, and one round is complete.

Dumbbell Farmer’s Walk

Walking is known to be a great way to keep fit. A simple modification can make this activity more effective to help in burning fat. Since normal walking burns a limited number of carbs, taking a farmer’s walk with dumbbells in your hands makes it an all-new experience. Most people prefer to grab one dumbbell and alternate by changing hands when they are tired. Either way, this is a great method to burn fat quickly.

Battle Rope Wave

If you do some online research on ways to lose weight, the battle rope wave will appear somewhere. It is an all-new method known to burn more calories than many other exercises. The ropes are available in different weights and sizes. All you need is to choose what suits your training needs. Doing it correctly stimulates the upper body muscles with each wave. The body requires more energy to support such an exercise, and more calories get burned.

Bear Crawl

Babies crawl before they walk during their first year of their lives. Unfortunately, they rarely do it again. Here is a new way to lose fat that you should know: the bear crawl. This exercise is not only fun but also has numerous benefits to the body. Both the lower and the upper body are engaged, and the joints get stronger. With the bear crawl, you can be certain that you will sweat, which is an indication that you are losing fat.

Fat-Burning Workouts – Conclusion

With the above all-new exercises, you can rest assured that your body fat will disappear within a short time. You can alternate the exercises or stick to those that suit you best. With research, you can also discover more of this type of exercise and enjoy them also.

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