Five Fitness Trends To Watch For In 2020

Social media has made a passion for fitness accessible for everyone, with newcomers gaining inspiration and motivation from industry pros. This accessibility presents a platform for influencing fitness trend, changing how people go about getting healthy. The immediate future promises to be exciting for the fitness industry. Here are five fitness trends to watch for in 2020.

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Working With A Coach

As online communities grow and flourish, more people are working with a coach to help them meet their fitness goals. Whether the goal is to be able to run a marathon or feel comfortable enough with one’s physique to show off their muscles and tattoos at the beach (visit this website for tattoo inspiration), working with a coach helps create a sense of accountability.

Coaches can cover everything from training goals to meal plans, acting as a navigator and mentor as someone goes through their fitness journey. As more people showcase their results online, this industry will continue to grow.

Boxing Reigns Supreme

Boxing has become increasingly more popular in recent years, due to its calorie-torching, strength-building implications. Celebrity Jennifer Aniston attributes her svelte frame to boxing with professional Coach Leyon Azubuike of Gloveworx, starting a ripple effect that will resonate in female fitness over the next few years.

In recent years, HIIT workouts have become a fan-favorite way to exercise as they provide a lot of results in a minimal timeframe. Boxing has been one of the best HIIT workouts since before the term existed.

Prioritizing Functional Training

Crossfit skyrocketed to fame as an amazing way to get strong and burn calories quickly. Terms like AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) and EMOM (every minute on the minute) became popular terms in fitness jargon as gym-goers strives to find a balance between hitting the gym and meeting the rest of their daily responsibilities.

In 2020, that will change. Rather than focusing on how much weight or how many reps one can complete to get bigger and stronger, the focus will shift to doing things properly through functional training. Functional training focuses on improving balance and coordination, building strength the right way. This is especially important for aging fitness enthusiasts.

Wearables And Biometrics

Fitness trackers aren’t just a novelty item that motivates people to move more; they’re the future of healthcare. Over time, it’s expected that wearable technology will become a personal staple, like smartphones. In 2020, people will pay more attention to the data collected from wearable technology and fitness trackers.

As the healthcare system becomes more burdened, people will use the data collected to create a streamlined approach to diagnostics and both proactive and reactive health and wellness. Data covering everything from sleep patterns to heart rate monitoring will play a role in meeting fitness goals.

Corporate Wellness

Businesses are starting to understand the role they play in creating a positive working environment and caring for their employees. Employees who exercise regularly and engage in healthy habits will be sick less often and more productive while at work.

Businesses are looking at ways to offset the costs of benefits programs by taking a more proactive approach to employee health and wellness. By developing corporate wellness programs and giving their people the resources they need to take care of themselves, businesses are creating sustainability and continuity in their business.

2020 And Beyond

Whether the driving motivations stem from wanting long-term health or wanting to look shredded, athlete-level training and programming is becoming more accessible to all. In 2020 and beyond, more people will use the opportunities created by technology to achieve their fitness goals.

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