For Your Daily Giggle: The Penis Shaped Rock

We interrupt our regular Bit Rebels programming to bring you some bizarrely interesting news. There is a man in Maryland (United States) who found a rock that looks exactly like a penis. I find this fascinating because not only is this unusual rock shaped exactly like a penis, it has a hole in it, just like… well, you know. I haven’t seen a lot of penises in my life, especially not up close and personal, but I do think it has a hole in it, just like this rock. Just for the record, this penis rock is 6 inches long.

I already know I’m going to get comments on this article from people grumbling about how this is poor taste, or whatever. However, I found this in the science section of (so get your mind out of the gutter).

Some people think this rock is a stalactite, but it isn’t made out of limestone, so that probably isn’t right, do you agree? Others think maybe it broke off a sculpture that fell off a boat in the region around the same time. That sculpture was delivered to the Smithsonian Museum. Kenny, the man that found the rock, contacted the Smithsonian to see if that sculpture had a piece missing, but they never called him back. So, that is probably not right either.

Is it possible that this is truly a rock created in nature? Did this guy carve this rock somehow, and is it all a joke? I have no idea, but I thought it was interesting enough to share with you. Do you know what’s even stranger? He originally found this rock twenty years ago, so do you know why this story is just now showing up all over the Internet? It’s because he’s had it hidden in a drawer this whole time. He just now went public with it. Hmm… I’m going to keep my thoughts about that to myself.

This reminds me of that penis cockberg, err… I mean, iceberg that was photographed a few years ago near Antarctica. I put that picture below too. There is no way that one was real and created by natural causes, no way. Right?

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