From Duvets to the Bedroom Decor

The bedroom is one place where one can relax and just unwind. But apparently there are so many strange bedrooms that we found on the web.  The first one is called the Castle Bed – While we can easily say this bedroom has more color than the first, we think it doesn’t exactly stay to the golden rule of no more than three colors to decorate your room. And more importantly, how on earth are you meant to relax in this environment when your waking up to bright sky scraper buildings with no window!

The other rooms below showcases the owner’s creativity in their design choices.  There is the Blue room or Twilight room, the symbols rooms, the Tomb and the Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hide  Room which looks like  Frankenstein room.

My favorite is the Symbols room – This symbolic room is rather wacky and definitely adds something new to bedroom designs but you would actually feel you were stuck in a box and would probably go mental with the walls, the floor, the desk, the bed and windows all looking the same.