Fun Eye Glasses Designs – For Your Inspiration

For those of us who have to wear glasses, it is often a dilemma about which frames to choose. Every year I have my eyes checked, and when I do, I try to update my look. Believe me, it takes me hours to choose a pair because there are so many to choose from. You have the round frames, the over-sized, the colored, the plain black, the sporty type, etc… There are so many factors to consider when you buy the perfect eye glasses for you.

You can always just ask the sales person which ones would look best on you, but I also want to encourage you to consider the following when you buy your next pair.

a. The shape and size of your glasses should complement your face shape. – Don’t just choose a pair because everyone seems to be buying a particular style. Make sure that they complement your face and that they don’t over shadow your features.

b. Make sure that they are comfortable. – Remember that you may wear them for a while. Imagine having a pair that slips off your nose or that are just uncomfortable. Besides, you will wear them for long periods of time. If you don’t like the ones you choose you won’t wear them.

c. Style vs function? – You can and should consider both. You don’t need to look like a dork. Make sure that they fit your lifestyle, your personality and your fashion sense.

I put together some unique and interesting photographs that showcase the different types of eye wear and how they somehow define the look of the person (and animals too). Main Image Source – eye see you

Image Source – Great Scott

Image Source – My Little Scholar Pearl

Image Source –  Good Week-end

Image Source – Uomo colto

Image Source – self portrait

Image Source – Nerds!

Image Source – Simply Me – Richard Darell

Image Source – @mistygirlph

Image Source –  Sweetest Thing