Geek Career Choices: The Paths You Could Take [Infographic]

Since you are reading this, there is a good chance you are heavily into IT, technology and of course social media. Most of our readers are, and we take great pride in having such an awesome reader base. If you are reading this there is also a great chance that you are a geek of some sort. There are plenty of different kinds of geeks out there, so for me to sit here and try and tell you what kind of geek you are would be virtually impossible. One thing is for sure though, and that is that at some point in your life you will have to make some choices. These are the choices that will take you on a lifelong career journey. The question is though, what career will that be?

Finding fulfilling work in an economy that hardly sustains any kind of hopeful thinking is hard, but you should never give up. One thing I have certainly learned through the years here at Bit Rebels is that the more you learn, the more you will be equipped for the challenges that come up in the future. In this particular case, it is what kind of job you could get. So what should you choose and how will you know that your choice is the right one? Well, no one can know that instantly. There are always cons and pros with every profession, and it’s just something that we all have to deal with.

When it comes to computer geeks though, there are a few companies that are more appealing than others to work at. Some of the more innovative ones are of course Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook and all of the companies that we pretty much read about on a daily basis. But how do you know which of these companies will give you the most potential to climb the corporate ladder, and who will pay you the most for your services?

I recently found a quite interesting infographic that might tell you exactly what you need to know. It goes into detail about each of the most popular IT companies and what they have to offer. It details everything from initial salary to which company has the most satisfied employees. The lineup might be kind of unexpected, or at least it was for me. So, this infographic called Battle Over The Geeks could be a great great guide for anyone who is looking for a job at one of these spotlighted companies.

The infographic, designed by Hayato Itakura and published by PayScale, has a whole lot of data that I am sure will help you decide which to choose. However, it’s one thing to choose a company and another to actually get the job. These companies have ridiculous processes to evaluate whether or not you are one of the people they are interested in to take their products to the next level, and it won’t be easy. But, as I always say, knowledge is power, so if you know your stuff you can accomplish this. Now, what company would you go for? Would you pick the one with the highest salary and not care about the satisfaction factor of the employees, or would you go for the company with the most satisfied employees and not care too much for the salary? The choice is yours.

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